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Hello people!
I usually have great guests and the reason for it I think, is because I really do a lot to accommodate guests and do my utmost to make sure to settle them in personally, give them a tour of the area, give them chocolate and champagne and provide fresh flowers and tips on what to do as a local.
Up to 1 week of arrival I send them a pdf with local guides, nice and good -to know’s and ask for their arrival details such as their flight number so I can track them if they are being late up in the air - as I have a busy schedule as most of us do.
One of my American guests where not responsive at all to my message and left my house in a mess. Therefore, I did become irritated and immidiately wrote a review for later publishing. Now, when I reading it, I can’t figure out if it is too much. I dont want to sound petty and irrational, so could you please have a look and see if this review is OK or if I should revise it?

Thanks for your help!

I wrote xx 1 week ahead of them coming to ask for their arrival time and she got back the next day asking for an early check in in the morning. Unfortunately I had guests in the house so I apologized that I couldn’t accommodate early check in and recommended a coffee place next door and told them the place would be ready at 13.00. 1 week later, on the day of arrival at around 11, I got an email saying they had their luggage stored and would be at my house between 15-16 o clock which seemed a tad disrespectful since I have other things to do other than sitting standby for guests. This could easily have been arranged had they given me a days notice and not just a couple of hours.
We agreed on them coming at 14 which they did as I had an appointment to go to. They were really nice people and seemed happy albeit a bit tired from the long flight.
During their stay I wrote a message just checking in to hear if everything was fine but I got no reply back.
When they left and I got back, two garbage were full, 6 glasses and some cutlery was left for me to clean.
Apart from the lacking communication and not knowing when they would come until hours of expected arrival and the notion that I was simply to stand by for them to come - and the dirty house left behind - I’d still recommend xx as long as she understands that airbnb isn’t a hotel service but people’s private homes and that people do this in the spare time often with a busy schedule.

I’ve had a couple of these guests and it’s annoying as hell. I wouldn’t go into so much detail. Summarizing the two problems, tardiness and messy would get the point across. They also have no regard for other people’s time, being nice doesn’t make them ideal guests. I am not sure why you would still recommend them to other hosts, are you willing to host them again? If the answer is no, then no thumbs up.

Do you have a way for guests to self check-in using smartlock entry? Then you can do a fowllo-up visit to add the personal touch.


You’re absolutely right regarding recommending them or not. I will of course strike that recommendation as I would not like them back. I’ll keep it short with focus on those two things.

Smartlock is not an option as I have two doors to enter to get to the apartment where only 1 of them is my property.

Thanks for your help!

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I agree with @YYCgal… too detailed. You don’t want to come across as a picky host.

Many people will appreciate the extra trouble you go through, but if they don’t you cannot really fault them for it - just a difference in personality type. I also am very communicative, but I’ve learned to “let it go” if they don’t respond in kind - and it happens more and more. Just appreciate the ones that appreciate you. ;o)

I would simply say:
“Communication about arrival time could have been better. Guests left a mess in the kitchen.”


Thanks CanadianHost. I’ll take that and keep it short. Thanks for your help!

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Short and factual –

The guests were extremely poor at communications regarding arrival and check-in times, and disrespectfully left behind a dirty mess of garbage bags and kitchenware. Would not recommend them as guests elsewhere.


Honestly, if I read this review I would never ever book your place. It’s ridiculous, in my opinion.

Firstly, the guests complied with your refusal for an early check-in and then arrived at the agreed time. So you can’t complain about that. OK, it would have been good if they’d told you earlier what time they planned to arrive but how much effort did you put in to arranging a firm check-in time? It’s no good just saying 'the room will be ready by 13.00" and not establishing when they will actually arrive.

Secondly, you need to clarify what you mean by “two garbage were full”. Guests leave garbage, that’s part of the business! Unless it’s in your house rules that they must dispose of everything?

Third, 6 uncleaned glasses and some cutlery does NOT equal a “dirty house”.

Finally, I think you need to remind yourself that guests are PAYING MONEY to stay in your place. You’re not doing them a bloody favour. Your busy schedule is YOUR concern, not theirs.

I am the last person to let bad guests off the hook but what you describe screams “entitled host who wants money for nothing” to me, I’m afraid. If you leave that review, these people will never use Airbnb again - guaranteed. That’s a loss to everyone. By all means, give them some private feedback on how important it is to communicate arrival time and following house rules etc., but don’t drive business away.


Occasionally there are guests who is not very good at communication/ not responsive to your messages. I think you have the option to give them 4 stars on communication and maybe mention lack of communication in the review. But I feel what you wrote is too long and too emotional, which may affect your booking if potential guest would bother to check reviews left by you.


You’re are absolutely right. I was to emotional writing it. I agree with the many points made.
I’ve decided to write a concise review where I write Guests were really nice people and we’re easygoing and easy to talk to. A slight miscommunication regarding check in but nothing grave. I wish they had followed instructions regarding full garbage bins and had done all of their dishes but overall those are minor things that probably wasn’t I’ll intended.

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