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Help! Cancel a guest because she posts terrible reviews?

Let us know how it goes, we are invested in this!

Good idea bringing up her previous reviews, maybe she will go out of her way to prove it was the host and not her.

Good luck



Was there really not two washcloths or was he making this up?

… and did you not provide any glasses or was he making this up?

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If the guest is lying, that’s one thing. If you think it’s normal for hosts to provide one washcloth for 2 people, no drinking glasses and no ice, I suggest you step up your game- the guest has legitimate complaints.


I can’t believe how often issues with guests and towels come up. It just isn’t going to hurt to give guests a decent amount of towels, it is only going to help. Towels are one of the main reasons to rent a place to stay. Especially washcloths which are easy to get in a pack that ends up being 30 cents each. And if a guest asks for extra towels, because most won’t, then see it as a fantastic opportunity to give your guest something of value to them. (not you personally, just generally, the towel issue is so weird).


I agree… I have realized if its out it gets used. Towels soaps and everything else.
What I have started to do is have extras where they can be found, but not out.



I put a good amount of towels in the apt, so it feels and looks generous but if folks are there for more than 3 days or so, I message and offer them fresh towels. Only once has someone said, “yeah, that’d be great”. So, lots of credit and very little output for the offer.

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I would not host this person, sounds like trouble and not worth it. Even if losing out the rental income you very likely will get someone else soon. The fall out of a bad review could cost you more.

I will be very interested to know how this turns out for you! I hope it comes out well—best of luck!

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Ok, stupid ? here… How can I find reviews a guest has left for other hosts? I’m not able to find that, & wonder if it’s only an option if I’m on my computer, as opposed to using the app on my phone or tablet.

I don’t use the app so couldn’t say. On the desktop version, when you are looking at the guest’s review page, just click on the profile photo of a host who reviewed her. That takes you to the host’s profile page. Scroll down the host’s reviews to find one left by the guest.

Ah, thank you! I so rarely use my desktop anymore.

If you can’t get there on the app, but still prefer to use your phone rather than your computer, you can just use the browser on your phone to log in outside the app, just as you’d do on your computer.

Thank you, tech challenged here! Hadn’t thought of logging in on a different browser :thinking:

Not talking about using a different browser. I use Chrome browser on both my phone and my computer. I’m talking about typing in airbnb.com in the browser address bar on your phone, as you would type in other internet sites you might visit, rather than using the app.

(I’m pretty much a techno-idiot myself)

You’re not going to see it on a tablet. You need to install the AirReview extension for your computer browser, which is the only way you can see the reviews that guests do, as well as other hosts reviews of them.

It’s not a good idea to only use the app. Air changes things on the main site all the time but app users my never know about them, and I found that Air messaging is far more reliable on the computer than on my phone. I only have the app on my phone so I get notices of bookings right away.

No, using Air Review is not the only way to see the reviews guests have left for hosts. All you have to do is click on the host’s profile who left the guest a review, which takes you to the host’s profile page, you scroll down to see how that guest reviewed the host.

Air Review glitched out for me a long time ago- would say "The host (or guest) did not leave a review, when they most certainly did.

I found this out when I asked a host why he doesn’t review any of his guests. He responded that he always leaves guest reviews. When I then clicked on his guests’ profiles, his reviews of them were there.

I now check the above, manual way.

Duly noted, thanks a bunch!

Guess it’s time for me to visit Air’s site on my desktop. Thank you for the heads up!

Same here, rarely works and after getting in bed with Airbnb and the data scraping company they can hardly complain about a lack of funding.

Had great potential, shame really.


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