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Hellow Everyone?


Hi, this is Tina. I am a nature lover and want to save trees by reducing the uses of toilet paper. Let’s have a great conversation on that…


OK, you go first…


Do you think a dry toilet paper can clean your private areas perfectly??


No I don’t - must be 20 characters.


I think most in usa use “dry toilet paper” most of the time, bidets are not so popular here.
Cheap toilet paper becomes mush once it’s wet.


Yes, not the bidets but the washlet or bidet toilet seats are becoming popular day by day. There are about 15 billion trees are cutting down only for making toilet paper for us. It’s really horrible, we have to avoid those toilet paper uses. There are bamboo made toilet papers, why not we are using them for other purposes??


We have recycled tp in Canada. It’s worth a visit! We also have unbleached tp and paper towels.

I rip up old towels and use them for wipes. I also use industrial paper towels Kleenex and tp. Better for the environment and cuts down significantly on overuse.


I had a toilet seat bidet in a condo once and loved it. However it required an electrician to put in an outlet. Additionally, my friends and family thought it was weird Well, I thought they were weird for not liking it and not giving it a chance. Only in the USA. I would consider it in our Air BNB, but all bathrooms would need outlets and guests would probably think its weird.


Hi Tina

Grew up with western toilets and now have a Thai wife
Big fan of the bum gun here :slight_smile:

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