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Hello - New Host

I should add. I know my initial rate of booking was hurt because we shut down for about three weeks after our first guests checked out to do work on the well. We missed a lot of opportunity there.

@samstravblog I’m sure others would disagree and I hope you don’t mind me saying that I’d prefer crisp, white bedding than what you have now; it’s just not appealing. A headboard would also help make it more appealing…

I think the art on the bedroom walls is hung very high. I’ve found this really helpful:

Hello there,

I definitely have to agree with @Lonestar on the subject of your title and description.

What comes up on the search page are the tile and photos. Your title does not invite a potential guest to click on your listing. It just mentions the stuff that are already well-known to the customer, meaning that you are wasting precious advertising space.

You seem to have a great place, which a good quality copy and some optimization tweaks for higher rank would rise to a whole new level.

Good luck!

Hi @Andrewbobiq

Welcome to the forum. I wasn’t quite sure whether from your bio you are a host as well as a traveller?


Pretty much, yes.
I would like to learn more on managing my Airbnb listing. Marketing, pricing etc.
That is why this thread attracted my attention.

I have seen that many of my fellow local hosts (Dubrovnik, Croatia) just put the listing out there and hope for the best. I’m glad that I have found a place with conscious and knowledgeable hosts.

Hello all, I’m new a newbie to the forum and glad to see me to the great community.

Tweaking your listing as you learn new things actually helps you appear updated frequently which is helpful for your search position. Unfortunately you need to assume that many people only read a paragraph and look at a picture or two so prioritize accordingly. We started with double beds and have since moved to queens in two out of three rooms since US travelers seem to want them. The bed size is also a huge source of confusion. Double is sometimes called full and in Europe a matrimonial size. I actually say “full bed (not a queen)” in the description for my smaller bed. I used a questionnaire for my first three months inviting my guests to comment on likes, dislikes and the description. We made quite a few changes because of that. It also helped us to choose improvements wisely. It avoided negative comments being placed in the public reviews. Best of luck to you!

I agree with you. The art on the wall is so expensive and sharp. People really like this type of beautiful wall art on bedrooms and other.

Not sure what ‘pretty much’ means but if you are setting up and managing your listing - have a look at Airbnb Help Centre and the useful tutorials and guides for new hosts on airbnb community @Andrewbobiq

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