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Hi all. I am a new host and just set up my listing. We are not going live until August 1st, and still tweaking a few thing. I am also in the process of adding more pictures. While I am doing this, I wanted to see what people thought about it so far. Thanks for any help or suggestions from hosting experts. :slight_smile: Appreciate it.

I started with a similar listing and allowed outdoor and kitchen use but you will get guests who take over your deck or sit at your dining table for hours sometimes so I don’t know if you want that much company or not.

What kind of guests are you thinking you will attract? It looks like you are close to the highway that goes up through Boulder and into the mountains so road trippers more than business people I’m guessing.

You have wasted valuable real estate in your short description. These are the first few words you use to hook the reader into clicking “read more…”

“This listing is for a private bedroom with a double bed in a clean, quiet, comfortable home in Westminster, Colorado. The room is a good place for couples, solo adventurers, and business travelers. However, it is not good for smokers. Our place is Smoke Free.”

Strike “this listing is for”. We know that already. Strike “Westminster, Colorado”. Redundant, they already know that it’s in your thumbnail.

Put all your sexiest adjectives in that spot. Leave the negatives for later.


Hi. First off, I don’t think you should go “live” until you’re fully ready.

I don’t agree with LoneStar about “sexy adjectives”. I’m a big believer in the under-promise and over-deliver mantra. Don’t big up your place if it’s not going to deliver. You’ll only end up getting negative/sub-par reviews and then no further bookings so… business ended. Be honest.

This bit makes me wonder:

Your booking includes use of the full sized bathroom that is used exclusively by AirBnB guests.

Does that mean it is my own bathroom or do I share it with other Airbnb guests?

Since we do have pets, we have a no pet rule. Sorry.

Lose the “sorry”. Be firm. Be fair.


Looks like you have a great location - I’m in Denver in two weeks and defiantly would have considered your space (until my traveling companion made it clear we need two bedrooms :slight_smile: )
This I would want to know as a visitor coming to the city as a tourist for a week:

  • Does the bedroom have a dresser?

  • Can you take another photo of the bedroom that lets me know if there is walking around space - where can I put my stuff? Also, one that brightens up the room.

  • Photo of the deck

I would also specify in the no smoking that it includes marijuana and vaping. People who do both do not consider that counts under “no smoking” rules.

Good luck! This has been a great adventure for us!

You have no disagreement with me. Hooking people to read more about your listing is what that space is for. This is decisively not advice to oversell. This is advice to turn unsuitable people away a few sentences later, not in that valuable pice of real estate.

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Do you have any space in the room to move a kitchenette into it? RV sized microwave and toaster oven, on top of a dorm fridge along with the Keurig? I ask because it would increase the perceived value and save you a lot of headache and stolen food, if what I read on these forums is indicative of what “limited” kitchen access is like. I wouldn’t do it even if I would let strange people under the same roof with me (shudder :stuck_out_tongue:)

Just thoughts, in the spirit of saving you future quarrels.

You already have sexy stuff in there

easy access to many great attractions in the Mile High City
large window that opens to let in fresh air and lots of natural light.
large deck, BBQ grill

“Private room in well maintained bedroom community. Easy access to many great attractions in the Mile High City! Large deck w/BBQ. Large window in room for fresh air and natural light.”

Cue the complaints from day sleepers… :joy:

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Welcome to the forum!
JMHO>>Please put captions up for each picture, right now they are all the same. Maybe delineate which space in photos are guest use, which in the shared use area. And get more photos, is there a view from the property? The orange pillow on the blue bed maybe change. Add a headboard, piece of art or a reflecting mirror up behind the bed. Put the liquid soap in a nicer container. Reduce items in bathroom. Good Luck!!!

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I would recommend you take your listing down until you are ready to take bookings as Airbnb will downgrade you in the rankings if your place is not available in July @samstravblog

Nice place with more than a fair price. I think you’ll definitely get some bookings. Now for the suggestions: agree with decluttering the bathroom, particularly near the sink as there’s nowhere to put toiletries, or get a shelf. Add some local art in the bedroom – can you get a poster of some beautiful blue skies and mountains to pick up the blue? After you get some money, get taller lamps, those are too puny or put up swing arm lamps. Add more photos of everything you describe and if you add pics of the dogs, get them off the furniture. Personally, I don’t want to sit in pet hair and that picture would keep me from booking.

When I had people sharing my part of the home I had pictures of the dogs as they are in the home. I wasn’t going to upend my life to fit the guests needs, I only wanted to attract guests who could fit in with my needs. At the time I was working as a teacher and making more money boarding dogs than I ever could with Airbnb.

In the vein of under promise and over deliver I’d leave pictures of the dogs on the furniture.


Yes, you’re right. Leave the dogs on the furniture in the picture as that’s what a guest should expect.

Imagine your surprise when you sit down in the chair and the dog jumps in your lap. LOL.

Hi again. Thank you everyone for the suggestions, comments, and thoughts. I made a few changes and working on different pictures for some. I also wanted to say I GOT MY FIRST BOOKING!!! I am a little nervous, but also excited. We love to talk to people and share stories, so I am sure it will be good, Just first time nerves, lol. I also have another inquiry which I am hoping with lead to a booking. We will see. Just wanted to say thanks again. Have enjoyed this forum and it has helped A LOT.


i see you used my version of your copy :grin:
congrats on your first booking.
i wishlisted your room, because i hear that helps give you a search position boost.
cheers to your impending success


Thank you Lone Star. Yes, I tweaked it a little, but did use some/most of your version :slight_smile: Sadly the second booking didn’t go through, but hopefully more will come. How long did it take you to get on a roll so to speak?

You need to have huge numbers ‘wishlisting’ your property for it to have any chance of impact - I’m talking thousands @LoneStar

Well i extend my good will by doing it anyway:slightly_smiling_face:

We didn’t get any bookings at all for the first, maybe 6 or 7 weeks. We went live January 1, so I wasn’t expecting any guests til spring break and that was in fact when we got our first group in.

The first booking we ever took was the guests who just stayed 2 weekends ago, so it was pretty quiet all winter and spring.

We have been booked pretty much every weekend since late May. Again, what I expected for our locale. I expect it will go dead after Labor Day, pick up in October and November, then go dead again until Spring Break.

If I am wrong, it will be a pleasant surprise.