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Hello from Milwaukee, I'm a Linens/Laundry Expert and excited to help!

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I didn’t realize the survey link would populate as a huge embedded image. I’m wary of your spam rules and happy to modify if this is an issue! :grimacing:

I don’t know how you see this as “not spamming”. You are asking hosts to fill out a survey that you will use to improve your business. That’s spamming.

And you’re here to “help hosts provide amazing and enlightened hospitality”?

I don’t think anyone here needs you to enlighten them. Your whole approach is pretty gag-worthy.


I’m sorry Daniel but Surveys and Bad Grammar / Spelling are red flags for me. :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post:


Strange, that must be the old meta tag as that typo was fixed before it was published a couple weeks ago. Doesn’t read that way on the actual page.

Again, the survey was meant to be a small link not a huge image, I took it down.

Nice that you finished reading for the edits and gagging!

Ever eaten at Shake Shack or another of Danny Meyer’s restaurants? That’s Enlightened Hospitality and quite the opposite of gag-worthy.

Plenty of questions are asked on this forum about linens and laundry, that’s how I landed here…

No, I don’t eat at chain restaurants and have no idea who Danny Meyer is.


One of my favorite books… got me out of a terrible company, helped me become a great host, guides a lot of what I do at work every day.

Only 4.6 stars, I only read 5 star average books.


If you had truly come here to help your fellow hosts, you wouldn’t have made your first post one that asks hosts to complete a survey to provide you with valuable market research to help inform the development @washbnb

What has your experience of hosting being like during Covid?



washbnb helps hosts. It was an idea in my head that grew out of me trying to figure out how to not do 10+ hours of laundry a week at a laundromat and get back to enhancing guest experience and having a life. I do argue that including a small link to a survey at the end of an intro post to a survey for a tool that is born from the idea of helping host, is actually an attempt to “truly come here to help” fellow hosts but alas… the software rendered it something completely different from my intention and I quickly took it down.

We’re a tiny business, there’s no massive valuable market research to extract here. Four friends putting our retirement savings into sheets, towels and washing machines lol

Hosting during COVID-19 has been the ultimate rollercoaster. I quit my job on Feb 1 to found washbnb, fully expecting to have the best year yet with Airbnb to fall back on with Milwaukee being the DNC host site, Airbnb’s #1 travel destination for 2020, Ryder Cup, etc. Well, like most others I went from a full calendar to a blank one during the last 2 weeks of March. I was lucky to have a traveling medical professional on a 5-month stay through May which hemorrhaged the bleeding for one of my 3 places. Almost everyone I know is in the hospitality or healthcare industries, insane disruption.

I lost most of my great reservations for summer because they were tied to events. I fully supported Airbnb’s commitment to refunding guests even at the expense of hosts and cancellation policies. I’ve hosted over 600 reservations in Milwaukee and about 70% of my bookings were from profiles with one review or fewer. I figured that if Airbnb screwed that many new users they would never come back and that could forever tilt the market against them and destroy long-term value for hosts. I have strict cancellation policies but almost always offer full-refunds when asked especially if I can re-book the nights. It’s just the hospitable thing to do in my approach.

WI supreme court shot down the state’s stay at home order in Mid-May and in the next 48 hours I had 15 inquiries for my 2 available places and booked almost every day since then. I’m a meticulous cleaner and now also have a cleaning company I started in January so luckily I didn’t have to change much with my turnover process except adding the surface disinfectant, masks, and removing things that couldn’t be cleaned. Occupancy has been typical for Milwaukee in the summer, 90%+ ever since late May. Every week I have one or two cancellations from existing guests that get re-booked quickly (watch out for the notification-less COVID cancellations and the underlying dates getting defaulted to your lowest nightly price, ouch).

The up’s and downs of 2020 have made it a wild time to be a host but one that I think reshapes the marketplace in a way that is very favorable to small time hosts who aren’t so over-leveraged that they can survive the insane reversals in revenues in the new world created by the pandemic. From Stay Alfred to the property manager with 50 units and a staff of employees, those models are severely challenged moving forward which shifts the power back to Airbnb as the marketplace and individual hosts as the providers. A rare example of a rapidly consolidating industry suddenly going back to its roots but at scale.

How about you? What are you seeing out there?

Too many folks trying to pivot to making money flogging something online. Too many folks coming here and wanting us to help them with their thesis, dissertation, business plan, or class project.

We’re a discussion group for hosts, not a focus group.


And we are international!


You would be better off reaching out to your local community through other means. Very few of us would have a stay in your area.

I would also recommend that you look into something to help with spelling and grammar. Ever heard of “first impressions count”? Most people hate spam. Poorly written spam earns an immediate hard pass.

Thanks for your offer to help @washbnb. Welcome to the forum.

Any recommendations on how to get blood out 100% linen bedding? It’s surprising how frequently we have to clean bedding that has blood on it (razor cuts, mosquito bites, menstruation etc.)


Peroxide works for me

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I think all of us who do our own cleaning have become laundry experts. Welcome to the forum @washbnb don’t let the cold water welcome from some (pun intended) keep you away.


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You could try taking the time to read my actual post and replies. I’m a host first. I started washbnb in January and the only pivot we made was winning a hotel contract and doing laundry for free for seniors and others who couldn’t leave their home during the pandemic.

I simply asked for help with a survey that takes 2-minutes, and it’s relevant to the discussion that hundreds of other posts have asked about. It’s completely voluntary, and offered plenty of other info to the group.

The key is to get cold water and hydrogen peroxide on it as fast as possible. Rinse as much off with cold water then spray or soak in the peroxide for 5-10 minutes. Oxiclean works great on basically the same ingredients. Rinse again with cold water then wash normally with bleach and ensure that you’re washing on a hot water cycle when the bleach is in the cylinder or else the bleach is useless on fabrics.

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