Heavy maintainence guest

I have a high maintainence guest - who booked before and constantly e- mailed me - now she has booked again and 24 hours later wants to cancel.

It falls just within the weeks strict cancellation policy i have so guess that is why she wants me to cancel - that will be a no as i loose my superhost status.

Can i ask AIRBNB to block her from booking with me in future ?

Opinions please

Yes. We used to be able to get to that button on our own but it seems to be gone for several years now. Give them a call and let them handle the cancellation and block.

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When you reviewed her last time, Airbnb asked you “Would you host [this guest] again?” Why didn’t you answer “No”?

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The person was going through a difficult time (around 2 years ago) and i made allowances for this - now in my view she should be back to normal, maybe its bad luck needing to cancel 24 hours after booking but I just dont want to spend considerable time dealing with her constant queries. To me having to E-Mail a client more than a dozen times is excessive.

I would simply tell her that she needs to cancel through AirBnb and that it is out of my hands. Then be done with it. Let Air deal with her.


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I never cancel a guest. I tell them to contact Airbnb and that they will cancel per the cancellation policy when booked.

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