Headboard and bed frame cover - which is better?

I’ve been checking options and so far these colors are the best.

which is better?

Wall paint color is GRANITE DUST, BEHR


White. All white.



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Asking about colour on an international forum on a computer screen with variable results …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for your comment. But white isn’t an option

My bad :sweat_smile: But which color you think is best with GRANITE DUST, BEHR wall paint?

Gray or Vanilla?

Why not? I like white.



Grey. Probably. Not enough other information to decide.

Are those covers easily removed and laundered? If not then neither.


They are easily removed and washed, yes. Thanks for your feedback!

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The room with the gray one looks like the stuff in the “cookie-cutter” Airbnb article somebody linked to a few weeks ago.

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Thinking as a guest, I wouldn’t like the prospect of a bed that had a fabric-covered headboard.


I won’t use fabric because it could get bed bugs and that is the last thing you would want.


If it’s washable and you wash it after every guest in hot water and tumble dry on heat it should be fine. But who wants to do that. Especially during covid I have greatly limited the textiles in the Airbnb room.


The headboard is made of leather and it has some scratches so is why I’m covering it :sweat: :sweat:

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it has some scratches, should i just replace the whole thing instead?

It depends how bad the scratches are. If it looks terrible you might want to consider getting a new one but if not, you might be able to get some use out of it still.

Yes, you should. Just by covering it up, you’re only ensuring that non-nosy guests won’t see it. The nosy ones will see a scratched headboard and wonder what else you’re covering up.

We have metal beds in both our apartments for bed bug reasons and I’m not sure that a fabric padded one is very wise at the moment. The ones we have are similar to these. The robots can easily clean underneath them too and guests can see that there’s no dirt or mad axe murderers hiding under the bed.

Why is white ‘not an option’?

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the scratches aren’t that bad. i just bought the slipcovers so hope they arrive as soon as possible so i can see if they will work

That’s what I’m trying to avoid. Hope they won’t see what I’ll be hiding behind the scratches :woman_shrugging:

Also white is too white. Especially I’m allowing kids and pets. White isn’t that ideal

I have their slipcovers, too! They are actually really good I bought some for armchairs and corner sectional.

That sounds great! My neighbor actually recommended this company. I’ve seen their recliner slipcovers and they look and feel amazing.