Having surgery... okay to leave guest alone?

Last month I found out that I have to have surgery that will keep me in the hospital for 3-4 days (I scheduled it for later this month because I’m a teacher and wanted to start the year with my class)… at the time, I already had a guest booked to stay with me for two months, so I didn’t want to cancel her stay but I did block off my other Airbnb room. So, the scheduled guest is already here, she’s great and I totally trust her in my house, but is it weird to leave someone alone in a shared space? I’m wondering if I need to ask a family member to stay for those few days, or if I should just give her their number in case she needs anything or if any issues come up. What would everyone else do?

I would just give her a family members number as you suggest, and maybe if possible, have the family member come over prior to your surgery to meet her so she feels comfortable.
Hope you have a good recovery.


I don’t think it’s odd to leave her alone, in fact I’d see it as a bonus to have the place to myself a few days.


Hi @MsJTherrien,

Sorry to hear about the surgery. Hope it goes well.

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Only if she is weird, and whines that you left her alone and didn’t leave someone there to keep her company. There are so many crazy stories on this forum, I just can’t dismiss anything…lol.


I have left guests before - with no problems.

Sending you great wishes for a great outcome and quick recovery!

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This is all good, I expected people to tell me it was a bad idea, ha… of course this makes me realize that for the first time in almost 2 years as an Airbnb host, I’ll be leaving the house for more than one night… I need to plan a vacation. :grin: