Have you gotten any AirBnb Holiday Cards?

I got two yesterday from hosts that we stayed with this past year. This is an AirBnb feature that I can’t find. Not Gift Cards. Holiday greeting cards.

On each one there is a button to click and create your own card; and you can specify specific Guests or Hosts or Select All to send to. The problem that I have is that each of the cards shows three photos you can use as backgrounds But the two (one from Croatia, one from Georgia) show different pictures to choose from. I’m assuming there are a lot of pix to pick from, but can’t find any way to access the gallery.

Yeah I got an email last week and I sent them to all my guests this year


Wow…wow. I gotta give credit where credit is due. Air definitely excels at marketing compared to all the other listing sites! Even if the guest never returns to your area, that card will put Air’s name in front of them.

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I was only given the option to send the card to guests who had left a review. Is this the case for others?

I thought it was a good idea and will probably send them because it is so easy, HOWEVER, I’m really disappointed in the choice of cards …is it REALLY un-politically correct to say “Merry Christmas”? Or even “Season’s Greetings”? An there isn’t a reindeer, jolly tree or Santa in sight (I’m not even asking for a Little Town of Bethlehem!). They are mostly moody shots of a lone figure in a snowy landscape (admittedly rather beautiful) or a couple of shots of deckchairs on a beach. No-one outside of the US (& Canada?) says “Happy Holidays”, so it will either have to be a bland “Thank You” or I’ll have to wait till next week and send the “Happy New Year” … and just to point out, if we are being culturally sensitive it is neither the Chinese nor the Islamic New Year!
So 5 stars for the idea, but a resounding 3 for the implementation …


I got mine from a host and a guest this week so I sent mine with the deck chairs with a message of happy holidays from Miami and I sent to all previous guests.

Now that we can see guest stars we can select who NOT to send cards to as well! :smiley:

Carmen – what was the link they sent you? Anyone else get a beach scene in the link they received from Air?

The card I received that had a beach scene did not have that as a photo choice for me to send; and that’s what we’re all about down here in South Florida, isn’t it?

I wonder why I didn’t get an email…?

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I got the email and used the feature to send a card with dogs ice skating, a perfect design for me, to almost all my guests; there are a few I skipped. @smtucker I did have the option to send to guests who didn’t leave me a review. I got one in return from a guest who lives a few hours from here and comes to town periodically. I also got a response from a guest whose dog I care for when they come to town and we have become friends. I didn’t send cards to my hosts from the last year although I’d be happy to do so, I might go back and do it.

@Malagachica I don’t think it has anything to do with political correctness. You are free to write whatever you please inside the card. Since air is a worldwide company there is good reason to leave all words off the card design rather than spend time making them in multiple languages or making it customizable. No matter what they do someone will find something wrong with it.

Now, I am getting cards back from guests!

Where is the option to send cards? I didn’t get an email.


My URL begins with https://www.airbnb.com/holidays and then a bunch of code. Here is the full address but I suspect it won’t help you since my ID is buried in there.

smtucker’s link to cards

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Ken go to airbnb/holidays and maybe since you are from florida it will come up.

Are these Airbnb cards that guests can send to hosts?

@cabinhost. Yes. I recognized the surf board-beach photo background.

Thanks for the link. It worked for me :slight_smile:

I still can’t get anything but three mountain pictures, and can’t bring up any others. I’ve tried going to the Air/holidays link, as well as the cards that people have sent… I’d love to get the surfer/beach picture.

And you’ve tried clicking on the little arrow to the right of the photos? It’s not completely obvious.

The link worked for me, too, @smtucker - thanks for posting it. It was fun!

I do not SEE an arrow to the right of the pictures. Perhaps its an artifact of my Netbook (small laptop) screen…

Ken try it on chrome it might show up.