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Have to laugh or I'll cry

Winters are usually slow here for my three rooms, so in the Fall I approved a two month stay for a man from China whose son was attending school here. Then I thought it was a bonus that a friend of his also booked our second room. I deeply discounted them since these rooms are usually empty in January and February. I also OK’d their use of my kitchen. As the coronavirus crisis evolved I was glad that both had been here long enough to show that they were not ill. However, my happiness was short-lived. Both men were great cooks but they cooked three meals a day from scratch. Ultimately I turned down their request to stay longer because I had no storage left in my kitchen and they cooked extensively with hot oil. My kitchen ceiling developed an oil stain, and my husband and I were getting overwhelmed. When they left I attempted cleaning the ceiling. It didn’t work well so now I need to paint it. In the process of using by vacuum to get a few cobwebs off the ceiling corners, I dropped the vacuum on my glass cooktop and cracked it. They cost about $400 to replace. They were very good about cleaning dishes (no dishwasher) but sadly scrubbed a gold trimmed serving plate until the gold started to rub off. It had been in my family for years. I could go on and on. In prior times I would be beside myself about this. Now it just seems like a little thing as long as my friends and family stay safe and well.


Great attitude.

Check on repair kits or even call a professional glass shop about potential repair. Those folks who repair auto windscreens might have a repair for you.


Chin up. What a comedy of errors - all that cooking and oil and displacement and then the cooktop and the serving platter. I’d be in my room, cuddling a case of vino.

Great attitude!

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Were you not permitting kitchen before?
It took me awhile to not allow use of stove but I finally did it and life is much easier now . One of my guests who likes cooking bought for himself slow cooker and put it in his room . I put minifridge and microwave in each room. That helps a lot. Then there is park with grills across the street. Quite a few of my guests grill there without even my suggestion.

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We have only allowed kitchen privileges on a case by case basis. We someone on a very strict diet who cooked very carefully. She didn’t want to use a microwave. Once we had a couple from Iran here on the Fourth of July and they asked if they could use the outside grill. We never do so we said yes. Then they invited us to a real feast in our own yard. It was great so there are upsides!


I can’t do it as I have 3 rooms . If I let one person I have to let others too . I also let first to use grill but guests left it for us to clean . Overall use of kitchen creates lots of nouse and extra cleaning for me

Good point. We also use three rooms.

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