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Haunted Airbnbs

The forum posted this link on FB this morning. What a terrific marketing angle. I live in a very old area surrounded by creepy cemeteries from the 1700’s. Some of the dead were recovered from shipwrecks. I should do some kind of Halloween weekend experience. Any of you have an interesting marketing angle going on?


What a great idea! I’m very interested in our local history and there are lots of stories plus local places that are said to be haunted. I love this.

I wish I’d thought of it :slight_smile:

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We have the old Pelham cemetery overlooking the Long Island Sound and our annual Halloween parade ends there. Might be an interesting idea for October. But how would you market it?

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Social media, using the photos/descriptions, and in the listing itself - maybe under “other things to note”?? Those would be the free options anyway. I’m thinking of partnering with a car service and doing cemetery tours. Just need a haunted pub to top the night off.

Just don’t let that week or two of festivities get your place a permanent reputation as being haunted.

Yes that would be bad. In my case the spooky stuff doesn’t involve my home and the stories would be folklore. The history in our area is dramatic, tragic and heart wrenching (perfect tales for the cemetery). There are also stories of perseverance, community and family that could be mixed in. More of a history lesson than ghost stories really, but done at night in a creepy cemetery would add a layer of delightful eeriness.

Where are you? This sounds cool. I love haunted history stories!

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