Has anyone else seen this kind of miscalculation in bookings?

I was reviewing a booking for next week prior to sending message with directions. From the “messaging” screen:


But 65 x 3 is 195, NOT 194! So where did that extra dollar go? Maybe it’s because the base room rate is $60, and auto pricing raised it to $65?

The tax is calculated on the $194, not $195. Air collects the tax, sends it to me in the payout, and I pay the city when I file quarterly sales tax.

Has anyone else seen these kind of errors? Perhaps they are rounding errors since they don’t display decimals in room rates?

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Yes. I noticed it on my booking as a guest.

Yes, it’s rounding. The nightly rate is actually $64.66 (or something really close to that).


Yes, it is the rounding caused by automatic pricing.

Check the rates. I bet there are 2 nights at 65 and 1 at 64.

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would not have noticed a $1 rounding issue.