Has Anyone Created A New Listing Lately? - Help Please


I created a new listing on April 2nd (private room in my 4 bedroom house to help offset Covid losses) and I think I remember Airbnb sending me an email stating that the listing had just been published along with an HTTP link that would take me to a place where I could edit my calendar/pricing. When I tried to click on that link to update pricing info, it took me to a blank page, so I was unable to update the pricing.

The problem with that, is, 8 people booked my private room that night due to the really low price! I was able to convince 6 of them to cancel their stay, but I still have 2 remaining that will not cancel. Now, if I cancel these 2 stays, I will lose Superhost status which will affect my ‘Entire Listing’ home once we get out of this Coronavirus mess.

Airbnb thinks that I am lying about trying to update pricing that night and said they will only consider my issue if I have a screenshot of the system being down.

My question to other hosts on here is:

  1. Have you had similar issues of not being able to edit their listing right after it is published?
  2. If youve created a listing recently, did you also get an email with an HTTP link to edit said property?
  3. Is their anything you can think of that I can use in my rebuttal to Airbnb to allow me to keep Superhost status?



I don’t understand why you didn’t set the correct pricing to start with, before you published. I don’t think there is any way you could convince Airbnb to allow you to retain Superhost status if you cancel. You made a pricing error, so you are going to have to choose between getting paid less for the bookings or losing Superhost.
FYI how and why are you taking bookings for a shared space listing during COVID restrictions? That’s pretty much verbotten right now, not to mention irresponsible.


I opened up the calendar for bookings starting middle of May thinking that everything will be OK by then, but what do I know?

I’ve created a new listing recently as well and had encountered the same issue. Airbnb mobile app must’ve been experiencing a system crashed that day because it wasn’t allowing me to edit the new listing. So I did the alternative and went on their desktop webpage to finish editing it and it worked. So I would say try their different platforms and see what works.

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Thank you for your response. I am going to try and use that information in my rebuttal to Airbnb

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Hi Muddy,

Thank you for your contribution to my question. I was thinking a little bit more on this and even though you are correct that I should have had the correct pricing as soon as I published the listing, I also believe that I do not have the responsibility to honor a booking if it is made after I have attempted to update the pricing and am not able to due to an Airbnb system error.

Would you not agree with that argument?

What argument? Your question is unclear.

I was agreeing that I should have set the pricing as I initially was setting the listing up. However, I immediately remembered right after I received the email from Airbnb stating that my listing had been published. At that point, no one had booked my listing yet, and I attempted to modify the pricing but could not due to a system error on Airbnb’s end. Therefore, they should be responsible for the pricing mistake due to the fact that I had no access to their site.

To be fair, prices should be able to be changed on-demand on the calendar so it doesn’t matter if he set the “correct price” as the correct price will likely change anyway.

I haven’t set up a new listing recently but also encountered issues with changing prices recently. When I refreshed my calendar, one night had a whole digit missing ($12 instead of $129 - clearly a typo) and I couldn’t get it to let me update the price. I finally just made that night a 10 day min (which wasn’t possible due to other bookings) through the Availability settings to make sure no one could book it that way and then fixed it later when the system settled down.

It’s good to know some “backdoors” to some of these problems because they do recur and it’s easier to CYA then to get it fixed later.

That being said, I think you need to keep trying and press CS to give you a case manager to get your case into the tech department. They should be able to trace back and see that it was their system and then fix it for you. It’s a lot of trouble to get it done but it is possible!

Most hosts make some costly mistakes when they get started. I saw mine as the price of setting up a new business. My daughter had something similar happen on a four week booking and actually contacted the guest and explained the issue and the guest agreed to the correct price. Yours is a huge price difference but you might be able to get some adjustment from a reasonable guest. Arguing with Airbnb takes your time which is worth something. Don’t spend more that the price difference is worth.

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You responded to me, but I’m not sure if you meant to or not? Nonetheless, to clarify, in my scenario, no one was able to book at those prices (because I made it a 10 day minimum with only 9 nights available to book until the glitch was fixed). I was merely showing the OP a way to work around such glitches and to confirm that I had also encountered similiar issues with price setting recently.