Hard bed made me think of Goldilocks and the three bears

I had a doctors appt in Toronto last week and needed to stay overnight. My sister’s spare bed wasn’t available. So I Booked a private room. Price was low, place was underfurnished and bit grubby. Bathroom and kitchen clean, bedroom was clean but tattered window shade. Fine,I wasn’t paying big bucks, but the bed was so hard, I thought I was sleeping on a box spring. I used the comforters to make it softer, then brought in a better pillow and blanket from my car. Who would set up an Airbnb with such hard beds?.

Bed firmness… What is comfortable for one person is too hard for another and too soft for the next. I grew up on beds so hard that my spine is still straight as an arrow. My parents didn’t believe in comfort. Heck, I bought my first pillow when I move out at the age of 16.

I actually have a pillow “bar.” Six different pillow types so that guests can choose what they like. I dread the day that two guests want the SAME pillow. I only have one of each.

Hope that your medical appointments went well with no further needs to head to Toronto.

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We have the free Tuft & Needle mattresses which are on the soft side. Most guests love them. Of the complaints we’ve gotten: one was that they were too firm, two or three were that they were too soft and one guest took the mattress off the frame and put it on the floor as he preferred a very firm mattress. Therefore, the anecdotal evidence I’ve gotten is that if people have a mattress preference it is for a firm mattress. Personally, I prefer a soft mattress.

And for me? Firmness! Nothing makes me less happy than those new-fangled toppers! I know I know, I am difficult. :wink:

I’m afraid I have many more trips to Toronto to get me well again. A fall triggered an array of unpleasant and disabling symptoms far out of degree to the initial trauma. It’s been found I have a rare disorder of the sac that holds spinal fluid in place. There are only a few doctors in North America that treat this. What makes it hard is that most doctors haven’t heard of it, and thus it doesn’t exist!

I prefer firm, but this was extreme. Similar to sleeping on a carpeted floor. No exaggeration.

I am so sorry that your journey into the medical world will be more immersion than casual drive by. I suspect that you will need to try more places to find the place that is right for you.

At least Toronto has some great food options!


We bought a Firm Sealy, and box springs; then added a 2" foam topper. Guests rave about how perfect the bed sleeps.


I always say, even if you put a simple 2" waffle foam topper on a rock, it will be comfortable. I have foam toppers on a total of 9 beds in various locales. The guest rooms in all of them have inexpensive firm mattresses with an added foam topper. What a difference it makes. Guests always exclaim how comfortable the beds are.

(Our beds have the expensive memory foam toppers.) :blush:

I also hate memory foam toppers. They make me too hot and I feel like I’m encased in plastic.


Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Especially important to get a goods night sleep.

What were the reviews like at the place you stayed at?

Sounds like you would be best find an alternative with better quality accommodation.

Hope you feel better soon.

My iPad didn’t show more than the top review which was ok, but said hard bed. She had hundreds of reviews, and star rating was ok. I’m not usually this careless, but other things distracted me.
I’m going to look for next time, I usually stay at my sisters house but it wasn’t available.