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Happy Christmas everyone and thanks for all the support!


Just to say a big thanks for all your support since I joined the forum and Happy Christmas!

I hope no one is having guests over Xmas! We’re hosting a couple over New Year…but don’t mind too much…

Hope everyone’s having a great time!



Merry Christmas to you, too, flaxhigh! It’s been great to ‘hang out’ with you!!


Flax, very nice to meet you too. I do have guests. They’ve been great and even brought gifts. Happy Christmas to you as well! x


Merry Christmas everyone - I’m so glad I’ve discovered this community and the insight and wisdom that comes from it - has me engrossed for ages at a time :smiley: !

I too have guests over the festive season and to be honest I’m liking it! I’ve got more arriving later tonight though … makes a mental note to go easy on the port.


Hi, Ho, Ho everyone and a most happy Christmas to one and all - wishing you respectful guests and full bookings for 2016 - Cheers!

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