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Handing over of Keys at Check-In / Check-Out


I don’t live near the property so I can’t be checking on it precisely on the day the guest chooses to check in or check out.

Any brilliant ideas on how to hand over keys in such a case ?

Would be eternally grateful if fellow hosts could share some practices… :blush:

A digital lock on the front door - or a lock box. I think that is the best way to hand over keys so you are not waiting around for someone.

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yeah I agree with @rod the sky is the limit though there are loads of options out there - a quick google will come up with them all

Personal hand over/walk through. The times I am out of town I have someone do for me.

An electronic lock is the way to go. There are no keys to lose. Nobody can make a duplicate and come back. Generate a different code for each booking. All is well.

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You know definitely have to look into employing this on mine and any in the future. I definitely see the advantages. Also I can still do a run through with the guests at the same time.

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I am not there for either end of the transaction. I have a lockbox next to my door with the keys. I also have a guest handbook and display in the kitchen with check out instructions. I am also in constant contact with guests - if they want - and I ask that they contact me when they arrive. https://flic.kr/p/ENhwt3

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Love that sign! It’s perfect!

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Thank you!! Spare piece of plywood painted with chalk paint.

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Silly question, but what’s the appliance on the right ?

A one piece washer/dryer. :wink:

Thanks, washer/dryer combos don’t look like that at all here in Europe, I was intrigued :slight_smile:

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They are very common place in the UK, owning to lack of space!

Ours is a LG. I hate using the dryer tho.


Yes, that’s what I have and I am used to ^^

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The all-in-ones like your photo above are almost impossible to get in the USA. No regular appliance store carries them, although they can be special ordered. The advantage of mine is the ability to dry one load while another is washing.

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oh really, that’s interesting. Your one is very old school - I remember my grandparents having one in their holiday home.

They still make 'em. Google stacked washer dryer.

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googling now…

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