Hand-written welcome notes

Just wanted to share something I’ve been trying out over the last 6 weeks - hand-written “Thank you for staying” cards. As far as I can tell - it’s always difficult to pin down cause and effect - they have been a great success and cost virtually nothing.
I always go through the guest’s message history and make sure I include any specifics in the card, to personalise it. For example, if they are attending a wedding, I’ll mention that.
I swear that the tone of post-checkin communication, and the enthusiasm of the reviews, has improved significantly, it’s been mentioned in 3 out of the 5 reviews, and particularly for hosts that use self check-in, it’s a great and cost-effective way to add some human warmth to that process.


Great idea and it’s fantastic that you seem to have validation of your theory. Do you have any other points of contact with the guest other than the cards ( and obv. Airbnb messages)?

I do the same. I leave a note welcoming them and introducing myself and my family since we aren’t generally there at check-in. I think it helps them to still connect with us more personally despite us not being there in person. I also explicitly ask for a 5 star review if they enjoyed their stay, explaining that we are newer to renting on airbnb and a 5 star review would help us to welcome more guests in the future. I also let them know that we would love a note back with any feedback on how their stay could be improved in hopes that they will direct any concerns to us directly rather than in a review.

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We always leave a hand written thank you note. We do not ask for a 5 star review but it is something to think about moving forward. About half the time people write a note back to us. We collect them all and stuff them in the nightstand drawer. As a matter of fact we got our first two page glowing note today. So fun. I have some romantic idea of the Secret Drawer Society from Wayside Inn.

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