Had my first PET-SNEAK-IN yesterday *angry face*

So I popped into our downtown apartment yesterday to clean up.
As soon as I got in, something felt wrong. Kinda like a spider sense. Immediately I looked at the rug… It’s colored brown/black but I could see a few strands of brown hair… Hmmmm I went into the living area, picked up the throw pillows and alas they were all covered in dog hair. I love dogs. Had one before moving here. But we have a clearly stated NO PET policy. Guest did not tell us she was bringing a dog. I was upset but calm. I messaged her twice asking if and why she brought a pet without our consent. She was mute. Well I proceeded to hit her with a $60 fine. She suddenly found her tongue. She said she had no idea what i was on about. LMAO. She tried denying it. Fair play to her she tried to cover the evidence by brushing cuz I found my brush covered in dog hair. But you know when a dog sheds it SHEDS. I sent her several high def pictures of her lion’s mane all over my apartment. She has since gone mute.
I don’t have Ring Cameras on my apartments but it is beginning to look like a necessity.
I am told this gets worse in the summer too. :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5:
Awaiting 72 hours to push the issue with AirBnB support.

I highly recommend cameras, they give a lot of peace of mind.

What gets worse in the summer?

Good luck. I hope you get your fee but I wouldn’t count on it. Let us know how it works out.

Did you already review her?

No I didn’t.
After some issues I had with a guest who trashed my apartment, I have learned to review guests 24 hours after they check out. Until I am 100% sure there are no undiscovered issues.

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First, sorry about the crappy lying guest. Did you confront her before the guest had submitted her (hopefully) positive review for you?

I know it’s a bad situation, but if it were me and there was no real damage, I would simply submit an honest and very negative review of the guest, and suck up the cleaning cost. Otherwise, it’s a big risk of $60 vs a 1 star …


How do I go about the sneaking in a pet issue…

We do allow pets at our cabin but have a fee and guests need to add their pets to the reservation. More than once we have guests bringing their pets without paying the pet fee. We do have ring cameras on the outside of our property so we clearly see them bringing their pet. I’m torn with telling them right away and requesting payment for the pet but worried that will warrant a bad review or some negative comment about something just as a way to get back

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