Gut Feeling - Scam Artist!

I received an inquiry on Airbnb and this is all it said but it is the use of “Hi Dear” that seems fishy. Does this look like a typical scam request? I specifically say in my listing that an inquiry needs to also confirm the person has read my description and house rules and this person hardly says anything:

Hi Dear,
My name is Larry Sampson, I’m interested in renting your place from Sep 03-09. I will like to know the time to check in and time to check out. Please let me know the total cost.
I will be waiting for your response.

I did respond with “Hi Larry, have you read my entire listing description? Who would be staying at my home?” We shall see if he responds!

When I get these kinds of inquiries for info that is clearly in the listing I just tell them that Airbnb will calculate their total cost. I also ask the reason for their visit in order to determine if we are a good fit for their needs. Then I never hear from them. Probably a phishing scheme to engage you.