Gun rules for GUESTS?

We have discussed the disclosure rule as nauseum lately but what about the rules for guests? My most recrent problem guest had so many House Rule violations that I have gone back to review security camera footage to prepare for my claims and discovered that the guest also brought in a gun. Personally, I don’t really care. The state doesn’t preclude it (although I am not sure what the laws are for someone from a neighboring state bringing their gun in…I am in NC and he is from SC) and I don’t preclude them in the House Rules. Just wondering what Airbnb thinks about it because I may decide to use this additional evidence to strengthen my chance of success with the claims. Bonus points for anyone that can link me to anything front airbnb directly as well as past precedent(s). Thanx in advance.

Our Standards & Expectations require that all weapons that are present at a listing must be properly stored and secured. If a weapon is in plain sight or discoverable by guests, hosts are required to indicate its presence in their House Rules. Guests are also required to provide notice of and obtain consent for any secured weapons prior to booking, and should use the messaging feature to do so.

Taken directly from the ABB website…help function under firearms…


Bonus points!

“ Creating hazardous situations

You should not keep unsecured weapons, disease risks, or dangerous animals in your listing, nor should you create conditions that increase the likelihood of a fire or impede escape in the event of emergency.”

Interesting that dangerous animals are not allowed yet we can disclose them with a box check in our listing…

Now, I have no idea if the gun the guest brought in was unsecured or not. Depending on what standards you use I would say probably not as there was no trigger lock visible but could have been hidden by the way he was carrying it.


And right below the part you copied is this:

“If prior notice of a secured weapon is not provided and the host or guest prefers to cancel the reservation, Airbnb will allow cancellation without penalty.

Note: All weapons present in a listing must be secured regardless of whether they’ve been disclosed. People who violate this expectation may be suspended or removed from the site.

What’s considered a weapon

Any mechanism that can be used to fire a projectile is considered a weapon. This includes, but is not limited to: Standard firearms, air guns, self-defense or deterrent devices such as tasers or pepper spray, ammunition of any kind, and imitation firearms.

Accepted types of secure storage

Locked cases or cabinets and visible locking devices are acceptable storage options. Secured storage must guarantee that only authorized users have access.”

I guess since I didn’t know about the gun until after the stay the worst that could happen is get the guest removed from the platform. Good to know for when I get a bad review from them.

@PuppyLover I wonder if the last thing of imitation firearms was there before your case. I also think a lawyer would have a field day with adding it because even yours wouldn’t have applied to the first requirement of being able to fire a projectile.

I check that box because black bears sometimes visit my back yard and play with my bearproof garbage can. They have jumped on it and rolled it around but have never been able to get it open. I just don’t want someone going out the back exit to be surprised!