Guesty.. . and properly...anyone using them?

Pluses? Minuses?

Never heard of them…

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Guesty co-ordinates all the bookings you have from various platforms, manages all the communications, can change pricing based on parameters you set, can handle payments for extras etc. Looks fairly comprehensive but am keen to find out users experience.

Properly is an app that will co-ordinate all the property turnovers - sends messages out to your cleaning staff (if you have them) asking them to accept a turnover request. Supplies them a checklist of everything required etc.

Hi limetree,

My company BestStayz, can provide you with everything you want from Guesty with no start-up fees, monthly subscription fees or annual fees.

We can also connect you to the Properly platform when our partnership goes live.

Another promotion, you are really annoying. Can’t you get to know the forum a bit before popping up everywhere.

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Choose something simple, some of the systems are complex and can take hours to learn/set up your listings, i would have good IT skills.

I used beds24, found it complex and had a nightmare between airbnb/beds24 with linkage.
I use smoobu now, its calendar sync, hello email, thank you email and calendar for my website. I went with Smoobu as it took about 5 mins to figure out how to use it.

Decide which channel manager you want and make sure they link to the different platforms you use.
Decide what functions you need
Decide how much you are prepared to pay, per month, year, or per booking.

Oh I suppose I missed the other threads that were going. So this is quite amusing. So what is it that you actually advertise? You have never answered it and I truly hope you don’t get a real inquiry to your business website. Shaking my head…