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Guests who show up with dogs without notice


We welcome dogs at our place. But it is so nice to have advance warning. I put a machine washable coverlet on the bed rather than the dry clean only, one. I put a minimal pile throw rug out, instead of the thicker one. I place a dog bowl set out for them to use rather than my people dishes, etc. Why doesn’t airbnb have a box you have to click, when you are making a reservation with a pet? Even while looking for a place, clicking pets allowed , instead of simply the number of guests?


Why don’t you make it part of your house rules, that you will only accept dogs, if guests let you know in advance that they will be bringing their pets?


If someone shows up with an unannounced dog, call Air nd tell them you are not comfortable with this guest, and have them re-homed somewhere else.


There is a place to click if you are bringing a pet. I allow dogs as well and have very specific guidance in my House Rules including that we do not allow puppies - dogs under 1 year - and we charge a fee for each dog - $50.00 per stay. We have only had one dog damage a screen and the owner left us money to cover the repair. My big annoyance with Airbnb, unlike VRBO and HomeAway, is if someone indicates they are bringing a dog it does not trigger the pet fee therefore I have to send a notice to the guest asking if they noticed in the House Rules there is a pet fee and then send them an altered reservation which they have to approve. All this is time consuming and unnecessary since Airbnb is a high tech company and should be able to add this feature easily.


There is a way to filter for “pets allowed,” but that isn’t the same as clicking that you are bringing a pet. If someone doesn’t tell me they are bringing a pet there is nothing to click that tells me they are bringing one.

I agree that it’s overdue for them to add a button to add the pet fee automatically.


@K9KarmaCasa Yes I believe you are correct, so essentially what occurs is if you are searching for pet friendly accomodation then the site filters for them and when the host receives the request for booking it indicates there is a pet as well as how many people are in the booking. I guess most of the bookings for people bringing pets are through filtering for pet friendly homes. I have had people just show up with a dog and sometimes they tell me they are brining one dog but bring many - had someone with 4 dogs which were all pretty small - though they can be the worst since sometimes the small ones are not well trained. If someone shows up without telling me I politely ask for the fee and tell them were the dog dishes are located.


I am not aware of this. I get people booking for pets but I cannot see which filters they have checked when they search. I only know people have pets because they tell me so. If you can save a screen shot of what you are seeing that indicates they have pets and post it here I’d appreciate it. The next time you get such a request, I’m not asking you to go back and search past messages. Perhaps they are beta testing something in your area.



@K9KarmaCasa Sorry for the delay - I can’t find a booking with the pet noted but I know it occurs since I have been able to send an altered reservation to the person after noticing the reservation said 2 people and pet. The next time I receive a booking with it noted I will send it along. Best Helen


Ah! Yes, now I remember seeing that. Not all my guests with pets have that on their reservation but I have seen it. Thanks.


Through airbnb, there must be a spot the guest clicks, because twice now the notice that states how many guests that are coming, stated pet. I just wish airbnb made it mandatory. I have placed in my rules that I need to be notified if pet is coming. I do not charge a pet fee, I think many guests feel, if there is no extra fee, why do I have to notify the host…