Guests who don't want to go to the laundromat? How to prevent anyone from staying over 29 days with instant book?

So my foreign exchange college guest ended up washing his clothes with a lot of water in my sink and proceeded to use my dryer for his clothes. I can tell he’s new to being by himself and has had a maid or his mom clean for him because he’s always leaving dishes or trash behind in my kitchen. How do you regulate laundry usage? I’m going to cut power to my washer and dryer with the circuit breaker but not sure if that’s enough.

Also he asked to rent my room for a year or more because he gave up on finding an apartment after 5 days. I messaged him that he could only stay 29 days, due to the tenant laws being in effect after 29 days. How do I ensure he doesn’t overstay? I’m renting out two rooms through Airbnb.

Are your washing machine and dryer included as amenities in your listing? If not, you can tell him that they aren’t for guest use and that he must use the laundromat; he may not do laundry in your sink.

You can put a maximum stay of however many days you wish on your listing.