Guests who don't read

Surprise! It was me! :joy:

I am so annoyed at myself.

I just got my $100 superhost coupon, which is $135aud.

I am going on a trip soon and need single night accommodation at each end of my trip near the airport, being the super cheap person I am I don’t put this credit towards somewhere super amazing and treat myself but thought I would apply it to 2x super cheap places instead.

Only to discover you can only use it once!!!

Why? Why? WHY?

So I have used my $135 credit on somewhere for $77. Great location but ultra basic and there may be some resident creatures according to the reviews, I don’t mind, I’m there less than 10hours. But when I think I could have spent it on something a whole lot nicer instead??? :expressionless:

It very clearly says in the email it’s single use, so what a big fool I am!


Yes, but here is the difference: you are taking responsibility for not reading. I believe we all are guilty of not reading everything all the time. But the real problem is when the non-reader tries to push the blame on the other party, instead of accepting responsibility for not reading.


Most of us who are hosts have an awareness that most people don’t have I guess. We realize how annoying it is when people don’t read and realize what they’re getting and then try to get money back that they don’t deserve.


Yes true!

The awareness is there for sure, as I think alot of guests would immediately be difficult, or critical at review time despite full well knowing something like this was entirely their fault. But it’s not something that would ever bother me even if I didn’t know better, I’m not a complainer.

And at end of the day it’s a free night’s stay.

But even though it’s not technically my hard earned money, something like this really stings a cheapskate hard lol!


Last year I booked a few days in Honolulu in August. I was so focused on location (I wanted to be close to my daughter whom I was visiting) that I didn’t notice which amenities were checked. After I found a suitable place and booked it, my daughter messaged me and said “Does it have air conditioning? You’ll hate it here without it” since August in Hawaii is very hot and humid. After checking the listing again, I was embarrassed to see that it did not and I became one of those guests who hadn’t read everything. Fortunately the listing had a flexible cancellation policy and I had only had the reservation an hour or two so I didn’t feel too bad about canceling.

So, it’s easy to miss certain things about a listing if you’re focused on certain things more important to you like location, etc.

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@TuMo - If it didn’t have A/C, it wasn’t in Waikiki…am I right?

I don’t know the area that well, but the place w/o AC was near base housing, not too far from Pearl Harbor (my son-in-law is in the Navy.) We ended up in a condo in Waikiki. It was some 17 floors up with killer full glass views but the location was really bad - homeless people everywhere.

Did the very same thing with my coupon LOL.

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It is very rare to happen to me when I just enter in guestroom or hotel without knowing anything about it.