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Guests want to have friends over for dinner, Whole House Listing


I agree with AvaH. My issue isn’t the guarantee, either. It’s that the only kind of daytime-only guests we get is people that are part of the travelling party of our guests. The group is too cheap to rent a large enough house for all of them, so part of the group rents our home (very spacious with a private pool and a gorgeous view), and the rest rent a really cheap place to sleep and just hang out at our home all week. So, we essentially have more people than our maximum for everything except bedding. If they want to do this, I’m going to charge them a fee to do it.


May be locals have small appartments


There are tons of situations and we will never know. I would definitely mention to them that you have cameras. I would rather prevent the event of big gathering then experience it.
If it’s only one day and it’s no more than 4 people I would allow. But if it’s more than this I would try charging them because it’s not fair to me to host one day quadruple of what I am paid for.
I also has once a group who asked me If they can have gathering of about 12 people for the after funeral. I didn’t have a heart to charge them. They left everything cleaner than before and were very nice people .


It would depend on the likelihood of them cleaning up (not if they are leaving the next morning) and the guests staying because it was too far to drive home and they would possibly be drunk. I say guests can stay till 9pm but then have to ask permission and if their past midnight pay the supplementary $30pppn. The reason I do it in two stages is so that they are aware when I say it is okay to stay later than 9pm that they have to leave by midnight. No point making first contact at midnight and then getting a drunken text at 1am asking if they can stay because they’ve had too much to drink. In my experience most evenings have an initial natural end point and then someone suggest another bottle of wine at which point their plans to drive home sober go out the window. As far as it being Xmas I think it would be fair to state explicitly that if all the kitchen stuff isn’t cleaned and put away properly (not left on the drying rack either) then you will have to charge $100 from the deposit to get someone in to help you clean up on Boxing Day after they have left.


Because to do so can be a case of optimism over experience. The holidays are often a time for the host and the cleaners to spend with family and not face a hideous clean when they just want to get in and out and prepare for the next guests. I have solid bookings from Xmas till Australia Day (Jan 26th) because January is our summer school holidays, like August in the northern hemisphere with Xmas at one end and July 4th at the other. Of course they pay double so not all bad.


Maybe rent them some extra tents for the squatters :slight_smile:


I think it all depends on the guests and the circumstances. In this particular cause a traveling nurse and her husband rented one of our private rooms ( 2 bdrm independent location) for 3 weeks. The couple had friends (she was a traveling nurse also & her husband) also assigned in the area for 3 weeks also. The husbands usually hung out during the day together, seeing the sites, running, riding bikes or playing football in the yard while their wives worked in evening they would get together occasionally and watch TV, play board games or just eat pizza/tacos. They were respectful and asked me if it was okay I advised them so long as I didn’t get any complaints or if there was any violations I was fine with it. In this cause because I was accommodating I will probably get more traveling nurses to stay with me. Also they happened to make friends with other guests that stayed with us during that time period. So my advise…take it on a case by case basis and drop in to check on things to make them aware you are watching.


I’m always getting strange requests that I have to pass on. We have an attached 3-room guest suite so this is also our home. My listing is clear about that. I’ve had people that want to stay one night and host a BBQ in my back yard for their party of 12. Another inquiry to stay one night and host a 2-hour anniversary dinner in my yard. Another lady wanted to stay one night and use the pool for a photo shoot. The list goes on. I am often floored what people think is ok to use Airbnb for.


I think that most of us have had requests for this - especially those of us who are in picturesque locations. I suspect that the people asking have also contacted several others in the area :slight_smile:


Not worth it, tell them to go rent a venue to host parties not my house. Good luck!!


I just got a request like this. Older woman, her husband, adult daughter, son in law and an infant. They were coming for the final court date of the adoption process in the nearby state capital. After the court proceeding, they wanted to have some additional family over for a celebratory brunch.

My gut feeling was that she was telling the truth and was not planning a rave.

She just seems so excited about the adoption being final and becoming an official grandma, I said yes, though I was a little leeey of how they would work it out in my small kitchen and 4 person dining table. Adoption stores are a soft spot…

When she started asking questions about how many extra chairs and stuff, I was very honest and told her exactly how many we had, plus plates and mugs. I wanted to make sure she knew the limitations and hoped she would cancel within the 48 hours window if she decided it wouldn’t work.

She ended up cancelling, but I got a better booking the next day.


I am having an odd “visiting guest” situation. A family of 4 is staying in my apartment visiting relatives nearby.
When I confirm the booking I ask for the names and ages of the people that will stay at the property, and if the guests will be having any pets. My guests gave me 4 names - parents and 2 little kids.
Yet, for two days in a row, the mother in law is here with them all day long, and she also brings her dog (I have a rule that dogs should be on a leash and guest should clean up after them, which was not observed). They go out for about half a day, she leaves the car on my driveway and rides with them.

I have a separate charge for additional guests but the mother in law did not stay overnight so I do not think I should charge that. I do not have any specific rules regarding guests that may visit (I have not had a situation like this before).

The guests have great reviews, so maybe this is just a one-off situation, and I am still debating if I should mention anything in the review? I just wish they at least mentioned that they will have additional person staying with them during the day, instead of assuming it is ok.


You need to clarify your visitors policy and charges for the future. It’s quite presumptuous of the guests, maybe other hosts forgot to have a visitor policy too so didn’t review it! Just describe the fact that they had the extra visitor and car all the days. Not cleaning up after the dog is in the rules and you can call them out directly on this. Dog visitors? I wouldn’t take a dog to visit without asking.


If you do not have a limit on daytime guests in your rules, then they had no reason to think it was not OK. If you don’'t like it, change your rules. For instance, our rules are “No one except the registered guests on the property without prior written permission”.

The dog - that’s different. Yes, please mention that in the review.


Thanks so much @jkamm and @PitonView. I amended my rules :wink:


The aspect to consider here is why you have a charge for extra guests.

Is it because extra guests mean more electricity usage? More water usage? More wear and tear on your property? More cleaning?

Usually extra guests mean all of these things. The mother in law has been in all day using the utilities that you have to pay for. She’s been causing wear and tear that you have to pay for. The chances are that her dogs is causing extra cleaning that you have to pay for.

I have seen hosts say that they charge extra for additional guests because of ‘the extra laundry for washing the bedding’ but it’s much more than that in most cases.

As others have said, have specific rules. (We allow two visitors, daylight hours only). I hope that you’re on site so that you’ve had a word with them.


Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking too - extra guest, more amenities, wear and tear…
And it is just a matter of principle honestly, at least ask if it is ok to have visitors.

I honestly would not mind, but the lady comes at 6am and leaves later in the evening for two days now. First day I was thinking she was helping with “settling in” (e.g. the family has twin toddlers so they sent diapers to her address). Yesterday it got me thinking. This morning seeing her car again made me angry.

How is this for a message (I prefer to communicate with my guests via Airbnb platform and not in person just so there is always a trail, this does not include small talk of course):

"Dear XX

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your stay. I noticed that you have a visitor (I presume your mother in law) that spends multiple hours on the property. You are probably not aware, but having guests that are not registered (on the booking) is against the AirBnb policies. While I fully understand the desire to spend maximum time together with the family, I am also not comfortable breaking AirBnb terms of service.
If your guest would like to continue the all-day visits, please provide me with her name, age and address. There is also a $50 charge for additional guests that were not booked initially."

I am not quite sure how to word the time she spends here better - she comes early, then after some time (about 11am) they all leave for activities and come back around 5pm, she stayed until 9pm last 2 days. So she is not here all day, just when they all are here.

Should I mention the money? Let it go and treat it as another “hosting lesson” (I already amended my house rules to require permission to have visitors). They are leaving on Friday.


Does anyone have a link to the TOS - the part that states that Airbnb TOS only cover the Registered guests? Is in in Host guarantee? Sorry, I just cannot find it. Thanks in advance.


Why in the world don’t they all **** off to Grandma’s rather than intruding on your place. Shouldn’t happen again now it’s in the rules.
I am not sure about the payment this time.


I don’t think it is actually an AirBnB policy at all.

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