Guests using other people profiles to book

I had a guest use someone else’s account to book my place. My instant book setting is set such that only people who have positive reviews can book using instant book. His friends account has lots of positive reviews. So I don’t feel comfortable having him stay as he has no reviews for himself and hasn’t responded to my request for some info about him/his trip. But if I cancel his reservation I lose my super host status. This seems really unfair to me as he booked by deceiving me. Does anyone having any advice for me? I’m a single female and the room is in my home so I really don’t feel comfortable having a male travelling alone without any reviews of his own. But I don’t want to lose my super host status…

Call Air and tell them about the situation- fairly sure they can’t make a 3rd party booking

Third party bookings are not allowed. Call Air and request they cancel this without penalty.

If this is an instant booking, isn’t it as simple as cancelling and choosing the ‘not comfortable’ option?

No, because if you cancel you get penialised by loosing ur superhost status…

Update- I contacted Airbnb and they were extremely helpful. They said the guest broke the t and c so they will cancel his booking. So guest gets a full refund but I won’t get penialised or lose superhost status etc. yay!

They must have changed that then. Glad you were able to get it sorted anyway

Oh wait here you go, just for future:

No you don’t. If someone breaks your house rules, makes a third party booking or makes you feel uncomfortable you can cancel without losing your SH status.

What Helsi sez – if the guest violates T&C, or you plain feel “uncomfortable” with the in-coming guest, you do not lose SH status for canceling. I don’t believe that was ever the case.

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