Guests trying to get deals, a new thing?

Just recently I have had a couple of guests putting forward proposals for how they might lower the price of my already ridiculously cheap rooms. I have had suggestions they might do cleaning (what on earth makes them think they would be to my standard). Worse still a suggestion they bring/wash their own bedding and towels and forego breakfast. Don’t they realise the point of those services is to stop them feeling they can get their feet under my table? (This is also in UK law). That it’s more hassle for me to store the stuff? That the thought of guests bringing their possibly smelly linens makes my skin crawl? Is this part of the race to the bottom?

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This is also NOT new. Potential Guests were doing it to me in the early days and I know why - my prices were too low and so are yours - you already said your prices are ridiculously low. You’re attracting the rock bottom, bargain hunters. Up them a bit and I think you will see those types of requests go away. NO ONE tries that with me anymore and haven’t for years and years.

P.S. I have been hosting since 2010.


It’s nothing new! I still get about one bargain seeker a year. (Or the variation - “I’m military/schoolteacher/non-profit/religious” that think they ought to pay less than others because of their vocation)

I agree it’s usually a hint your prices are too low. The vultures can tell you don’t value your place, so they’ll see how much more they can get away with. I had far more bargain seekers the first year when my prices were lower than others in the market.


I agree with you. I keep on trying to get my rooms as high as possible. Trouble is they’re small, and 2 single rooms share a shower room. Other problem is local hosts are seriously underselling (some charge the same for a double or private bathroom). Will keep on trying to put the prices up.

If you think staying low is your best strategy, keep doing so, by all means, but refuse all offers for deals and discounts. It NEVER pays. A truism that comes up on the forum again and again.

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I’ve said this before (in fact, some people are probably heartily fed up of me saying it!) but right next door to us is an Airbnb that is one third of the price. I now that a lot depends on location but the guests who want a deal can go somewhere else as far as I’m concerned. I don’t give discounts yet am almost always fully booked.


Yes I am amazed I get more than some larger rooms near me, but it’s not as high as I would like.

“Sorry but my prices are already low for what is offered and I don’t think my place is suitable for you. I am sure you can find accommodation matching your budget in a hostel” Decline booking. I once had someone ask for a discount who was from HK where my nightly rate wouldn’t get you an hour in a cheap hotel there. For some reason the phrase “we are on a budget” really riles me. Anybody using AirBnB is probably “on a budget” including us hosts.


I had one inquiry trying to get my home for half the monthly rate, I declined, they messaged back “Wow, couldn’t even get a counter offer? Thanks anyway “ To which I replied “ The price is the price, it is already low. You didn’t want to pay that, why would I bother with a counter offer.” Then I changed my maximum stay to 14 days. Since we are in marijuana grow country, we decided no long term, especially during ‘Harvest Season’ which was when the inquiry was for.


Counter offer? Do they think they are bargaining in a market in Thailand for some souvenir bracelets and t-shirts?


I got one the other day from someone semi-local wanting to know “what is the cheapest price I can rent your place for 2 months for?”. Well first of all I only open my calendar up 4 months out and I don’t have any 2 month period even available. Second of all, I don’t want any 2 month booking! DECLINE!!


My room is sadly comparable price wise, but obviously offers more in a great area.

In my opinion, a polite decline is the best response.


I did but I did let him know that there is a minimum price for my area, and he may need to reconsider and aim for elsewhere. I don’t think some southern Europeans understand the UK housing crisis, and expect property to be as cheap as at home.

I sometimes just hit the spacebar and press send to save time Lol.


Last year I had an inquiry for Christmas week,” We are on a budget with young kids we have 1000 to spend after deducting our travel costs.” They wanted a 10 night stay for that cost. We had a 5 night booking during those dates shortly thereafter for twice the cost. Seriously, why should I subsidize your family? I have a family of my own and if I wanted to subsidize anyone, it would be my kids after getting a full price booking.


Imagine what it would have been like to host this nitwit.

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Yes, because of influx of so-called “advice blogs” with “tips” for guest, which always starts and ends with:

“Always ask for a discount or a bargain”

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I’m going to repeat this: asking for a discount is not a new thing.

I dated a military service member who always, always, always asked if there was a military discount. She would have asked a kid at lemonade stand in front of their home if they had one. And if someone didn’t half the time there was some snarky remark about their lack of respect for the military. It was the most disgustingly entitiled attitude I’ve ever seen and one of the reasons it was a short lived relationship.