Guests stayed for 24 hours, then all left asking for 50% refund but also left all their suitcases/alcohol behind

I had 12 guys celebrating a 50th bachelor party stay at my home that spent quite a bit of money and asked for a 50% refund after leaving at 3pm the next day (24 hours after check-in and leaving their suitcases/alcohol behind).

Their claim was that 2 of the beds had the smell of throw up and it was just an unlivable situation for them.

They did buy new sheets but threw them in the linen closet which my maid said had the funky smell to them.

They also came stumbling back at around 6pm to come and grab all of their remaining items.

My maid took pictures of all of the beds and was able to prove that there were no stains on any of the mattresses or sheets showing throw up debris.

The guys did not allow me any time to rectify this situation and came back after claiming they were checked out.

How to respond? Any tips are appreciated!

Refute the claim with photographic evidence and leave them an honest review. @turnercress


If they had left their luggage behind then they hadn’t truly checked out. You’re not a storage facility.

On the other hand, my guests are more than welcome to leave booze behind. :cocktail:

If you really need to respond, just tell them that you can’t do so because they hadn’t followed the Airbnb guests’ procedure (“Which I’m sure that you’ve read” tongue in cheek.)

They chose to leave a place which they had probably only intended to stay in for one night to have their party.