Guests snooping around and maybe robbed us

I know this, like I wrote I am not interested in wasting anymore time on this guy.

One of the only tools we have as hosts to help one another is to submit honest reviews. The review isn’t for you it’s for other hosts. Funny how someone so selfish would come here looking for help from other hosts but you really don’t care to help us with a review of this guest.

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The first part you are right. Kind of childish of you by calling me selfish. Since I am a newbie regarding hosting, I still need to learn the ropes anyway. Thanks however you took time to write such a salty reaction.

Hey Stef, If in the rare case I get a questionable guest and they review me, I just call up AirBnB, and talk about the situation and casually ask them about the review. I’ve only done this twice, and both times the customer support person read me their review before I posted mine.

Always worth a shot to see if you’re missing out on a good review. I would definitely respond to theirs either way, as theirs will be viewable either way.

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You can’t have it both ways. I tell you the policy and you say you know and then I tell you that’s selfish and now you’re a newbie.

I stand by my comment. I review all my guests. I’ve written well over 350 reviews because I’m trying to do my part for the way Airbnb works. If all you care about is your time, that’s selfish. You don’t want to help fellow hosts, you don’t want to help this guy be a better guest, fine.

Now I’m going to throw my toys, stomp away and childishly suck my thumb. So there. :tongue:


Have fun doing that :joy:

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It is at times like this that I remember the story of Bluebeard. If you are going to tell someone not to enter a room, or tower, then damn well make sure it is locked and they can’t get the key.:japanese_goblin:


Well it was a misunderstanding in the end.
I think you should not feel pressured to leave a review. I only do it when it suits me.

I have left reviews for bad guests though. Not sure what you mean by a review battle.

Mike, that is crazy!!! Rock on if you can get a CSR to give you the guest review before it’s posted. That is a new one!!!