Guest's remorse - input on the review

Last day to review - did post it yesterday because I thought I would not be next to my pc today, but so far no review from the guests so I could still edit it.

What’s your input … the profile of the guest is basic with no reviews etc.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend xxx and yyy to any future hosts.

Being two young backpackers and a city wide Arts Festival going on, the
location of the Treehouse was just a bit too far from downtown and they
decided to leave early.

What followed might just be the classic example of guest’s remorse when a
listing has a strict cancellation policy.

In their first communication after check-in they wrote:
"… we’ve arrived at the treehouse ! It’s absolutely gorgeous …
… there’s been a family emergency, … would you be willing to work
with us on refund for at least 3 days?"

They left late the same day without any further information, explanation
or good-bye to their hosts.

On the next day I received this message from xxx:
“I’m extremely allergic to bees … the second we walked in I had killed
two bees and 3 wolf spiders. The condition of the home wasn’t up to our
standards … and see what we need to do from here in order to get some
sort of compensation back.”

And somewhat later another message from xxx: “my father is a host
himself. I would not lie about the bees, spiders, spider webs, dust and
dead bugs that were found in the tree house itself. It looked like it
hadn’t been cleaned in months, also there was spiders crawling out of
the cracks.”

More drama was yet to come with the next message, but do we really need
more? Best, just decline.


Unbeknownst to the guest I am double-listing this very same Treehouse with … the last 31 reviews gave 5 Stars on Overall and Cleanliness …

Bugs in a tree house? Imagine!


… and bees buzzing near the gorgeous flowers - terrible!


This is a stunner! I would totally book your friend’s place despite the certain possibility of having bugs in a Treehouse!!

As for your review, I am not sure if it is entirely necessary to quote what guests wrote to you. Might be best to summarize different things they said/excuses they provided after leaving early without any heads up and tried to get a refund out of you.

You only have 500 words so you may need to edit. Colorful detailed reviews are just fine. Come on hosts, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to read them!


Yeah! You got my vote on that!


Damm I wanted to hear about the tree frog in the tree house. I think every tree house should have one.

Spiders are mighty fond of tree houses. :rofl:

Frogs are kind of hard to spot by city people, they kind of blend in (unless they move), compared to bees and spiders.

Though they make a distinctive sound. Hard to miss.

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Wow, it looks lovely. I would stay for sure.I put on my listing that there will be snakes and spiders. We have a diamond python on verandah most days, harmless. Then they can’t complain about what is listed - should charge a fee to see native wildlife!!!


So, even though posted a day ahead, the guest missed the deadline to write a review. They must not have liked what I wrote and messaged back that I provided only one side of the story and that they have not received any compensation from us. I kept thinking … albeit through your own words …

The property is wonderful and while the Treehouse is built right into the tree with branches reaching inside, it is kept bug free - as a matter a fact it had just gotten fumigated a couple of days before these guests arrived. We do get dinged on location, which has more to do with traffic than distance, but like I mentioned the last 31 ratings on cleanliness were 5 Stars or on 142 reviews 1% 3 Star, 1%4 Star and the rest 5 Star.

These girls also enjoyed a great lunch, for which we usually charge and which they never paid and a 4 hour long siesta before being on their way.

The double listing stems mainly from giving me more options to play with the pricing and minimum duration of the stay: eg one listing will have the regular price whereas the other one will have a discounted price for a 4 night stay and perhaps no breakfast included.

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Thanks for letting us know the outcome!