Guests not responded to any reviews

I am fairly new to hosting. I have a quest who will be staying for a week. He has 12 good reviews but when I look them up he has not responded to any of them. Is this unusual. He has asked for a lot of considerations but I am OK with it. Thoughts please.

Very few guests respond to reviews written about them. But most do review the host with whom they stayed. Much harder to find those. There is Google Chrome extension that helps, our you click on the host that reviewed, go to their profile page, and then try to find your potential guests’ review of that specific host.


I did that. Went to the month and year.

Not always in that order… home country, language, date. If this is so, it is very odd.

What exactly is he asking for? If he never leaves reviews for hosts and you are new and need to build up your reputation this guest might need to be asked why he has not reviewed anywhere he has stayed. I’d ask him for sure!

Sorry. Misunderstood… one guest hasn’t ever left a review of other hosts. Not that uncommon actually. If you are new, you need reviews though.

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Working hard to get good reviews. Doing well, so far so good.

I’m not keen on guests who never leave reviews for hosts (assuming that’s what you mean?). It shows a lack of respect for the whole system, imo, and lack of respect is not a great indicator. But if his own reviews are ok, well hopefully it will be ok.

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