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Guests not following rules!


Crocs or similar shoes are awesome for Plantar Faciitis as well. They even make a sandal version. I wear New Balance shoes for everyday and use Crocs mostly at home as “ slippers”. I do wear the sandals out on hot days.


In Eastern Europe, we always remove our shoes and change into sleepers (mine are wedged with great arch support:). Funny thing, my eastern-european cleaning lady changes into sleepers even when she is coming over to clean!

My US-born children, their friends, all our friends from different cultures surely know to take their shoes off before stepping into my house:)

I do not advocate for barefoot walking, but socks and sleepers are great, hygienic choice. If we look and see everything we walk on outside, and then imagine taking it to our kitchen or bathroom… Yikes!
However, I do not enforce it as a rule in my Airbnb property since it’s an entire listing, and it gets throughly cleaned every few days. Additionally, what I don’t see doesn’t bother me.


So where or what are these please? Can i Buy some on-line or in the UK? My feet are demanding answers!!!



Joan, I bought them in retail a few years ago, so, unfortunately, I cannot find them online any longer. Check SAS, San Antonio Shoemaker. Some of their styles can be used as sleepers, and they are always very comfortable.

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