Guests make inquiries then "disappear"

Does this happen to you too? A guest will make an inquiry to stay at your place…all looks good then you preapprove them, then they never respond back, after sending several emails? I don’t understand why they do that. But then another guest books during that person’s requested dates. I accept. But oh well, the previous person never responded back, so they had their chance.

It happens to me a lot with potential guests who want a long term stay. I assume that they want us to offer them a discount. As we don’t offer a substantial discount for longer stays, we assume that they move on to a host who does.

A pre-approval is just that. They may have sent out 5 inquiries, and selected one that suited them better. It is not the same as a booking request.


It happens to me at times too. If the guest never responds back, I assume they’re not interested or just moved on to another listing. Actions speak louder than words. If they interested, they would have booked. If another guest books using instant book, then oh well, the previous person had their chance.

Typically, when an inquiry “disappears” then guest has cancelled their request.
Probably because they have found a booking elsewhere.


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Yes, this happens a lot. As a general rule, if they don’t book within a day or two, on the outside, they aren’t going to. Sometimes they bother to make obviously ridiculous excuses before disappearing. One lady recently said her credit card had expired, and she hadn’t noticed. Gosh, that must be inconvenient.

At least for my listing, if someone is going to book, most of the time they just send a booking request. Most of the time an inquiry doesn’t become a booking.

I think a lot of us had the same experience. I believe these guests are looking for multiple listings and trying to decide which one gives them the best deal. Here are some things I do:

  1. turn on instant booking
  2. try to reply within an hour. As mentioned above, Many guests are juggling with multiple listings before they decide. The first host to reply is likely to get a booking
  3. if they ask for a discount, tell them that you’ve already lowered your rates for the season, and that you provide the best prices in town :wink:

Yep. It happens. Inquiry is a Good Thing. It helps you weed out some folks and for them to weed you out of the selection process. When someone “inquires” whether they can have Aunt Tilly come by to ‘check out your place’; or inquire whether the heated pool is heated by something other than solar radiation; or ask if it’s OK to bring their 2 year old if they bring an air mattress for him, and by the way they have a 12 lb dog they want to bring… when the listing says blatantly NO CHILDREN, NO PETS. Then you can say thanks but no thanks.

Some people are naive. Some can’t read. Some think they are not subject to the rules. Better you and they find out what’s what with n Inquiry, than someone having to cancel a booking.

Hey Rachel is great. One of my favorites. She’s really really smart even if you don’t happen to agree with her politics. The other two I don’t know much about.


I have had my share of inquiries that went nowhere but I got an inquiry two days ago that I don’t want to accept. I don’t want to tick on the Decline button because my record is pristine so far but the gal seems hell bent on pursuing a booking.

Flags are waving…she said she will be traveling with her husband but her previous reviews indicate she traveled with friends and the places on her wish list are for greater occupancy that my max of two. Her most recent host gave her a horrible review; her response was plausible…but still. The other reviews were favorable. There is absolutely no personal info in her profile except that she speaks one other language. Bottom line ~ I don’t want to take a chance.

At first I told her the housecleaner would not work the day before the holiday. She replied they can checkout the day earlier; I answered that it wouldn’t meet the minimum stay requirement. I am pretty sure she will come back and say she will tack a day on at the front.

What can I say that will close the door nicely? (I can’t even think of a lie to come up with!)

He’s right. No need to give any reason. Just decline and be done.

Sandy, usually I say “Though that range of dates are open, I am waiting for some people to finalize their airflights that will be taking those dates, and not exactly sure at this point, which exact days they will finally take.”. Usually they loose interest in time.

I never Pre-Aprove, ever, no important reason why, just never thought to do it.

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I know there is that Decline button but I am trying to avoid it so I don’t get dinged and possibly have my placement affected…at least, that’s what I think will happen.

I just spent a bunch of time reading through the Air site to find out whether there is a penalty for declining an inquiry as opposed to a request but gave up. For some reason, I have the toughest time navigating the Air mechanics ~ I just keep going in circles.

Maybe I will just maintain ‘radio’ silence and hope she goes away.

Addendum: Thanks, Fred! I must have been working on my post when you did yours. That’s a good answer and I will probably use it after I fix my libation…it’s overdue. Yeh, I have never pre-approved either.

I just don’t think that there is a penalty for declining a request.


Ah a request, not an inquiry, missed that. I decline it and give the same reason mentioned above. If Airbnb doesn’t like it - life. :sunglasses:

Addendum: Has helped me out alot because it puts them in ‘Limbo’, which is what we are after, in a nice way.

I had a guy inquire, then he wanted to call me., I guess he wanted to lower the price. I refused, then he gives me a song and dance re family emergency so not able to come. Fine. Then 30 minutes later, wants to book, misunderstanding re emergency. Right! I told him dates taken, then he wants next weekend, oh dear, that’s booked too.

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I would just decline. I believe that you only get “in trouble” for declining a number of requests, not just one. I have declined several; most for wanting to pay cash or requesting a discount, one because I was alarmed by her previous reviews (several hosts had said that she made decisions about their pets care including letting dogs out of an enclosure without consulting the hosts). I have not had any negative consequence.

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@Mearns — Fred…you are correct…it was an inquiry, not a request and your answer suits my situation to a ‘T’. I’m keeping it as a template…and I’m not asking for your permission. It’s a done deal.

Thanks all for your helpful input ~

Maybe it’s my other advertising platform that dings owners by placement "adjustment’ when we decline. I have jumped through so many hoops that I am goofy.

I don’t think you get penalized for declining. But I DO think you can improve your response rate by either declining or accepting. So I just choose one or the other. Also it gives the poor sod the chance to find housing elsewhere if she is not waiting around for you to answer.

(“Poor sod” – love it! So British…I need another good novel to read of olde England!)

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