Guests locking themselves out of the bedroom

So it’s just like a hotel, the only way to not lock the door is to leave it open. That seems like it could be a good alternative.

Yes, although I have actually had guests that don’t realize that have to turn the knob once they plug in the code and it beeps.

From the main front door that is shared by the guests and myself, I have her different key coded lock but no deadbolt on the inside so that the guests can’t lock me out.


LOL I have the same problem with guests for my front door lock keypad. I send this picture and they still try to just go in without turning the ring around the lock after they enter the code and they expect it to lock automatically even though I make it clear that it does NOT!!

I also have locks on the rooms. Locking one’s self out happened 3 times in 18 months. On a Sunday night.

We have backup keys for everything.
Or so I thought…

It’s always the same room.

Worse, I have done it myself!

Yeah, we got copies. Five years of University, but noooooo…:wink:

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Perhaps if guests feel unsafe not being able to lock the bedroom door in a shared space then this sort of AirBnB is not for them. The door chain seems like an acceptable alternative. And I say that as someone who was once held at knife point for 3 hours by an intruder in my brother’s house and I wouldn’t need one.

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