Guests left a tip -- seems weird. Happened to anyone else?

$20 bill stuck to the magnet board. They DID eat all the bagels, all the English muffins, all the mini muffins, all the poptarts, all the juice bottles, and most of the rest of the snacks – which is unusual, some guests never touch anything but most only eat a few of the items I’ve left for them to select from. I feel . . . slightly servile?! – but I’m keeping it!

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I’ve been given cash twice:

Once by a family of two parents and a two year old. All they ate during their week and a half stay was food that I prepared. They even asked me to bake bread for them to take with them to eat during the day. They gave me $100.00 to make up for the extra groceries.

The other time a guest told me that they broke the light on the bicycle and insisted that I take $20.00 even though I told them not to worry about it. It turned out that they had caused quite a bit of damage to the bikes. We spent the $20.00 repairing the bikes.

I’d guess that’s precisely why they left it! From the amount of things they ate, they were probably just trying to compensate you for doing their breakfast shopping for them! I hope it covers it–that’s a lot of food! :flushed:

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Well, day old bagels and store brand pop tarts on sale - shhhh. This has opened some possibilities in my mind. Hmmn, leave a jar marked “Cleaning Staff Tips”? Salted with a few dollar bills and fiver? No need to tell them that the cleaning staff consists of me! (I’m KIDDING.) Airbnb wants us to act like a hotel, right? I leave a tip for housekeeping when I’m at the Marriott or wherever.


I’ve had tips left lots of times. I like it :slight_smile:

The best was a 50 dollar bill. Cool with me :slight_smile:


I have received some cash tips, a trader joe’s gift card, and gifts. Everything is welcome and appreciated.

Only once. A cute Chinese girl left a one dollar bill on the night stand. Loved it.

(The dollar bill or the nightstand?)

Silly. I used the definite article “the” instead of the indefinite “a”, which meant the nightstand was there before the Chinese girl :).

Okay, I bow to the higher power, o’ teacher of mine.


When I first opened my Airbnb room last year I was giving it away. A lovely couple from FL booked it for a week. I think they knew what a steal they were getting, and they left me $50 gift card to a local restaurant. Just this past week, another sweet couple who stayed only one night brought me a nice bottle of wine. No cash tips so far, but I can always hope! :grin:

Free money is never weird! :rofl::rofl::rofl::money_mouth_face:

The best one was when I got 2 4 day passes to Lollapalooza for free. The guest was coming 2 weeks after Lolla and couldn’t fly in and they randomly won tickets. They could only pick on the tickets at the gate. They didn’t know anyone in Chicago so they just gave them to me. That was worth more than their entire stay at my place!

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That is one fab-apalooza surprise! :slight_smile:

i havent had tips, tippings not usual in new zealand maybe thats why, but i have had some presents, like chocolate, a coffee machine, new pillows and blankets guests brought (and no it wasnt because they damaged the old ones) :joy:

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No cash tips, but I now have a stocked bar from all the booze left behind. Usully just half finished vodka and whiskey bottles that guests can’t take on planes with them.:grin:

Which is where you really need them!


We get tips all the time. We place it in a mason jar for our children.