Guests leave earlier

Hi, someone just left today the flat a (21 MAY) couple of days before the official check out date (25 May). and i wanted to accept other guests… as the property is available now…

I am trying to update the available dates on the calendar with no success… because it still blocked with the pervieus booking… any idea??
I didn’t find any solution at the AirBNB help division… Regards,

Contact Airbnb to cancel or change the reservation. Did they ask for a refund. You can’t double dip, that is, get paid for someone who isn’t there and get paid for someone who is (unless you list one more than one site). I’d just enjoy the money and the days off.

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We had someone do this awhile ago, they disnt ask for a refund and just left. I didnt contact Air bc I didnt want to deal with a possible refund.


You can rent the place on our other websites but if the client doesn’t ask for refund you will not be able to book on air bnb

which other web sites?

the client didnt ask for a refund…

it sends me only to the help section… i don"t see how i can speak with someone… live support…

i understand… i guess best idea is to setup a new apt listing… of same apt…

Thanks!! anything in Bucharest? Romania??