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Guests having others over, sleep over party

Hi everyone,
My neighbors informed me yesterday that the whole night till 7 am there many people staying and making excessive noise at my place. The reservation was for 2 people and there were at least 6 people in. My House Rules specifically say about the Silent Hours and no extra guests and no partying. Does anyone know what can I do as a host if this is repeated tonight and a get a call at night by the neighbors.

Did you contact your guests and let them know that there were complaints and remind them of the agreement? That would have been my first action. We Airbnb our primary home in the summer months. I have had to do this a couple of times to keep the peace with my neighbors. Usually, the guests are very receptive and it doesn’t happen a second time.

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Cameras, you need cameras. There is little you can do about last night other than to cancel the reservation which is what I would do if a neighbor complained.


Thank you yes of course I went in the morning and talked to them but they seemed to be laughing at me! Also I wrote on their inbox about the complaints so they see it written also. I am just afraid what will happen if the same thing happens today and I get a call in the MIDDLE of the night by the neighbors. Can I kick them out?

Μυρτώ Κατσίνα
Myrto Katsina :cyclone:

It is YOUR property. I would not expect any support from AirBnb they basically will put you off until after the guest has left/reservation ended.

I would message them this:

Due to rule violations regarding number of guests and quiet hours your reservation is cancelled. You have 2 hours to pack up, clean up and get out. I will be arriving at X time to check the condition of the property and insure you have vacated the premises.



Sounds like you didn’t make any consequences crystal clear- that any extra guests will be evicted and that the booked guests will also be evicted if the same thing happens again.

And you don’t wait until a neighbor calls you in the middle of the night- go check out the scene around 8-9 and also ask the neighbor to call you if they see any more people arriving at the house.

Personally, I would have booted them all out when they showed the disrespect of laughing when you told them they couldn’t carry on like that.


Thank you RiverRock
I love that you are so straight forward. This was what I was hoping to be able to do

Thank you Muddy,
I wasn’t sure that I could be so harsh from the beginning!

You may or may not be supported by AirBnb, they may refund the guests without your permission.

Good luck


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I agree with others. This is your business and you need to manage it to minimise the impact on your neighbours and your property. @myrkats

Follow up with the guests and say as they have broken your house rules by having additional guests stay and causing neighbours to complain because of loud noise during agreed quiet time you have asked Airbnb to cancel the booking and they need to leave within xxx

Call Airbnb and tell them this is what needs to happen.

And for heaven sakes get camera’s at your listing - it’s not fair to your neighbours to make them put up with all night noise because you aren’t monitoring your listing

Go back with a friend to ensure they have left and photo/video the property in case you need to make a claim.

Call Airbnb and ask to have them relocated since they broke your house rules. Remind guests that there’s a ban on parties, as per Airbnb policy.

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Thank you Helsi,
Yes I will put cameras it’s the best solution!

So they can party at your place cause you trouble with neighbors and the police and get a refund? Wow!!!

You may want to do a lot of reading here, to avoid learning things the hard way.

  1. Get exterior cameras and disclose properly
  2. If possible do in person check-ins
  3. VET YOUR GUEST. Immediately after booking get full names, ages and address for all registered guests. Remind them that unauthorized visitors / guests are not permitted - ETC.
  4. And more - much more. Start reading.
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Thank you Jefferson,
I have hosted more than 400 groups and I don’t usually encounter this kind of situation! I will research more thank you

Ok. You are blessed to have many hundreds of stays, apparently with so many great guests. Most of us have at least some experience with Guests who bring extras or not following house rules.

Luck of the Greeks? :slight_smile:

Having the camera and making sure its presence is stated in your listing will be a great deterrant to wayward guests and will provide you peace of mind. Can not overemphasize the value of that!

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It seems that your neighbours are acting as your watchdogs so be sure to thank them and assure them that you’re doing everything to can to make sure that they’re not disturbed. For many hosts, the neighbours can be their greatest allies.

If you don’t have a co-host close to the rental then it’s a good idea to get one as soon as possible who will keep an eye on the place and do the meet & greet.
Don’t expect everything to be done remotely by leaving online messages for guests or expecting Airbnb to do anything.

Okay, they were seemingly laughing at you - so what did you do? If guests act in a disrespectful way to me then I turn green, grow huge muscles that rip my clothes. Well, not really ( :slight_smile: ) but I’d have told them to leave there and then.

I agree wholeheartedly with @Helsi. You need to be more forceful in looking after your business and your property. You can do it. :slight_smile:


I love my ring doorbell. I chat with guests when they operate keybox. Since installing I’ve not had extra guest problems

@Jefferson says it well. I’d add just one more thing to point 1:

Disclose the exterior cameras in your listing. Include their locations. Maybe even a picture of the one at the front door. Make it clear so no guest can accuse you of not notifying them about exterior cameras. And no interior cameras.

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