Guest's flight arrives at 7 a.m., I work, check in time begins at 6 p.m

Hello lovelies!

Okay, so I have a guest coming for a 3 month stay. She confirmed that she’d read everything before I’d accepted her booking, so she knows that check-in time is from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. (and before you all start grousing - yes that’s a small window, and yet, I get up at crazy o’clock for work and wherever possible/when I’m not working, I try to be accommodating, am a Super Host for the past year, am at 96% 5 star reviews and the rest 4 stars right now so apparently this still works for people). Am super clear in my description, rules, etc etc… :man_dancing:

A month ago, I emailed her and asked for her flight information (as I do for everyone so I can track it online and will know if it arrives early/late, which does happen about 70-80% of the time).

I didn’t hear anything back from her until today (but didn’t worry because we’re still 10 days away from her arrival). She apologized and explained that she had phone and internet issues. No problem, her communication was excellent prior to booking and since she’s gotten back in touch. However, her plane arrives at 7 a.m. that day. She’s said that she knows it’s too early for check-in and is asking if there’s anywhere she cold leave her cumbersome luggage.

With a short-term guest, I’d have them suck it up until I get home (meaning come up with a solution themselves), if I wasn’t able to accommodate. However, because she’ll be here for 3 months, I’m trying to be a bit more accommodating.

The guests whose room she will be checking into, don’t check out until later that day, and I will need to clean it and flip it before she can check in. Leaving her a key is NOT an option (elderly cat, tricky doors, little details to know about the house that I’m not comfortable having anyone enter the first time without me to show them all the little tricks etc. beforehand). I live in a friendly downtown neighbourhood, have great neighbours, am friends with people who own independent businesses in the area etc. Do I ask a neighbour if they could possibly keep an eye on her luggage until I get home? Is there a negative precedent I may be setting (for guests, neighbours are all wonderful) by doing so?

As she’ll be studying here, I did ask if there might be somewhere on campus she could leave it for a bit. Am waiting to hear back. However it will be a weekend when she arrives, so the department wouldn’t be open…

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Are there lockers at a nearby bus or train station? You could ask a local business if they’d watch her stuff for a small amount of cash?

Airports, big train stations, and bus terminals often have left luggage counters. In my city they all have coin lockers which can take suitcases. There are also several commercial luggage storage depots downtown, as well as cafes which offer this service.

Thanks, that occurred to me as well. The bus terminal is very far away from my home and even further from the airpot. Their lockers aren’t huge and it sounds like she has a huge suitcase (or two). @hypertokyo, unfortunately we don’t have anything else like that (everything in Japan is more beautiful and organized) in Toronto…

Honestly, as she’s going to be with you for 3 months I’d make an effort here. You mention neighbours that might be willing to do it (you could offer them some recompense)? I’d go with that option if you can. Surely you can explain to your neigbours that it’s a one-off and she’s a long-term tenant and it won’t be a regular thing etc. On the other hand… you don’t want your guest to think that you’re already bending over backwards to accommodate her, that’s also not a good start. Take charge!! I would check with your neighbours first if it’s ok. If so, tell your guest that as she’s staying long-term you’ve made special arrangements for $XX to leave her luggage with XX. She needs to pay, though, so that she knows it’s not free service and she can ask for other stuff on top.


I know you want to help…but what happens when a guest arrives early with luggage is not really your responsibility. I would make a couple of suggestions about where to leave it and let her figure it out.

If she is old enough to book a flight, get the airport, get on a plane and fly, she is old enough to figure out what to do with luggage.

I would not impose that on your neighbors, not even just this once.

What occurs to me is that if you are in a location where people regularly arrive on red eye flights, then it might happen again.

For instance London. Most flights arriving to London from the States are overnights. Therefore… I know that if I am coming from the states to London… I will need to figure out what to do with my luggage until check in time… (if I stayed at an Air, which I never would do.) :rofl:


Google search for “luggage storage Toronto” yields: The intercontinental hotel next to Union Station will store luggage for non-guests for $3 per item. HTH


@Magwitch, good idea re: charging if that’s what ends up happening!
@konacoconutz, you’re absolutely right (except I’d stay at an Air - sometimes)!
@hypertokyo, I’m an idiot, I’m always the first one to source things - especially online! Thank-you SO much! Due to your brilliance, I found this: They pick up your bags from you at the airport/hotel/airbnb and hang onto them for you for $9 (for the first) $5 for subsequent and then drop them off! I’M ON FIRE!!! :fire:
If it works well, I can suggest this to future guests! YEAH (I’m high fiving myself in my head right now)!!! : 0)


How cute, you are the happiest host we’ve ever had post on the forum! :rofl:


Lol! I have been called “Sunshine” a lot by people who know me! :grin:


It’s good that you have some conflicting options to consider!!
You’re the only one that can decide what’s appropriate in the end, though. I was thinking that as it’s such a long stay she’s not your average fly-by guest and maybe it could be an opportunity to introduce her to your neighbours seeing as she’ll be around for a while. Best of luck!

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Thanks @Magwitch! It’s all helpful, for sure!


@konacoconutz, @Magwitch @Alia_Gee @hypertokyo - Thank-you once again!

I just heard back from the guest and here’s what she wrote:

“Thank you so much for all of that! You’ve been so helpful :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at the company you sent me - it looks promising! Otherwise I think I can definitely message my friend in Toronto and leave my luggage with her until check in time.”

By ‘you’ve been so helpful’ she doesn’t know it but really means "Thanks awesome, helpful hosts at Air Hosts Forum!"
Great job, team! :sparkler: - Oh wait. Oh wait - it never ends, does it? I just received this from her “Also! My boyfriend will be in Toronto from Sept 30 to Oct 10 and I thought it’d be easier if he could stay with me too. Is it possible for me to add an extra guest just for those dates? I’d be happy to pay the extra charges for that.”

So technically, I could accommodate. However, she booked this a month ago and arrives in 10 days. I also don’t like that “it might be easier” for whom? He’d be here for 20 days (not just a few days or a week)…She’s brand new to Airbnb -What would you say?

So I’ve written this to buy me some more time cough until I hear back from all of you:

"Would he be here as a tourist/student/for work? Would he be arriving with you from Vancouver? Will he already be in Toronto?

As this is quite sudden and does affect the others in the house (one more person sharing the bathroom, kitchen etc)., I will have to sleep on it.

I should be able to let you know by tomorrow night. Have a great night!"

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Oh dannnnnng!
I hate that, putting you on the spot like that. Guests!!!
I would tel her:

Hi, sorry, because of the long term nature of the booking, it’s not going to work for us to have a second person here for 20 days. Thanks for understanding.

Let her meet the bloke at a motel!

Because you know what’s going to happen…

Twenty days turns into 30, which turns into 40, which turns into…



You’re right. Of course I could use the money (who can’t, okay, Cheeto McSatan, but otherwise…), but not the headache of having to train two newbies —insert squeaky bed sounds here


Thanks again @konacoconutz - I was already starting to feel resentful. What would you say if she says “Oh, he’ll only stay for a week then?” or something of that nature?


Just say, sorry, we are at capacity. I can’t accommodate him. Thanks for understanding!

Maybe don’t mention the 20 days.

Ughhh, the nerve. Maybe not intentional, but it is annoying.

If you haven’t done it already, please add to your rules:

Only the persons named in the reservation may be in the home or on the property at any time. Thank you.

Remember you are in charge here. Don’t let guests push you around.


You’re so right! Thanks again!

I will go into my rules right this minute to do so (in all caps and 94 exclamation marks)!!!

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Happy you may not have heard me discuss how I compare guests to the kindergarten students I often teach. When I first trained to be a substitute teacher, they told us … and I will never forget it… “If the class is out of control, it’s not THEIR fault, it’s YOUR fault.” In other words, the teacher is the one in charge here. Just because students attempt to push you around doesn’t mean they get to succeed. However I can’t tell them at 10am or at lunch recess or at noon, how I expect them to act. It’s too late by then. So I tell them immediately upon arrival. They come in the room, unpack their backpacks and I call them to the carpet and explain my expectations from the first minute. I learned this like the second day I ever taught. And subs are always at a disadvantage anyway so you have to start out firm.

If I don’t do it, I have the day from hell. :dizzy_face::-1::rofl::weary:

It’s the exact same with guests. Lay it out clearly from the get go, and don’t break your own rules.

Guests are like K students. They will push and push boundaries and try to take advantage of ANY weakness they sense. They are not stupid!!!

Be firm with guests, don’t be tempted to be the nice guy all the time and let them push you around. You’ll end up resenting them, and that is no good.


No need for caps, just firmness. :grimacing::grin:

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