Guests didn't list 1-year old child

Yep. The other day someone wanted to book for six guests and asked if I would waive the additional guest fee for her two young children. I charge for additional guests after four. Why aren’t the two extra adults considered to be the additional guests? You’re right there is no added benefit to a host.

“Can I check in early because I need to give my child a nap?”

“Can I check out late because I need to give my child a nap?”

And I am going to be so disrespectful as to load up (pun intended) all of your trash bins with shitty diapers so the stench permeates the bins instead of hauling them off.


Any place can be dangerous, to people of all ages. I live in the country, it is on a river. I advise guests that children should have a life jacket and they need to be under direct supervsion at all times. A set of guests recently caused me some alarm, not the 13 month infant, but the 75 year old grandmother who post stroke has difficulty walking but is in complete denial, instead of a walker she uses ski/walking poles. I dreaded she might fall on my uneven ground a break her hip.

You don’t need a DBS check unless you’re seeing the same child on multiple occsssions, all unsupervised. That’s not the case with a child accompanied by their parents. I assume you don’t offer childminding facilities either…

TLDR: You would need a DBS check if you were boarding kids without parental supervision, or offering child minding.

Thanks all. Really helpful info.