Guests did not report plumbing issue

An Italian couple checked out this morning and as I went to inspect the apartment I noticed the plunger was wet. Upon checking the kitchen sink I realised the sink wasn’t draining well. I also found a washer from the plumbing in the kitchen cupboard implying the guests tried to undo the plumbing to fix the issue themselves!

The thing is, the guests never informed me of any issue during their stay, they sent me very good comments as soon as they checked out, even left me a bottle of wine and some biscuits as a thank you!

Do you often discover unreported issues like this?

Curious to read their review now, should I mention anything to them in the private feedback?

I rent out a whole home and find that guests are more likely to hide damage versus reporting it. I recently discovered an appetizer platter that had a big chip in it. Guests went out of their way to take some liquor glasses from one half of the top shelf, move them to one half of the bottom shelf. And then they put the appetizer platter on the top shelf. They traded places in hopes that it wouldn’t be discovered right away. I know they went out of their way to do this because the platter had to be maneuvered into the top shelf to fit. And then all the little glass compartments had to be set inside of it.

I also discovered the ottoman had one of the leg’s broken. It wasn’t completely broken, but the guests set it upright. I guess they didn’t care if the next guests sat on it and hurt themselves.

Once a guest duct taped the hole they made in the air bed and just folded it back up and later guests told me about it. Yeah…guests can really suck sometimes when hiding damage.

Were you able to fix the sink drain yourself?

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I had guests who waited two nights before they told me there is no hot water :frowning: and when they informed me it was in the middle of another message, like “oh by the way we have no hot water”.

Yes. Guests do this.

Our guests left a door open with the shades down; and the wind gusts ruined the shades. They said nothing on check-out, and were very communicative until we asked about it.

Our tenants in our LTR were very casual when they lost hot water. It was in winter as well. When we got to our house, the cover of the boiler was out, tools were around the place, and we had to have a conversation about how they shouldn’t mess with the utility connections (esp gas and electric). We ended up needed to replace the boiler, which was done within 24 hours. I put it down to them not wanting to bother us, and they’re a young couple.

I just don’t think people think their actions through.

That’s pretty extreme! If I ever see tools out, I’d be incline to charge guests for a professional to inspect whatever they were messing with.

A blocked sink isn’t damage that the guests have done, though, it’s a pretty common occurence and one that most guests, if they were at home, would fix by themselves. Surely most of us in the situation of these guests would have tried the usual treatments first before calling the owner in?

It sounds as though they did get the water flowing again and they may have thought that it was normal for the drain to be a bit sluggish. And it may have completely slipped their minds to mention it when they left. Just as I wouldn’t think of criticising a host for something minor like this as a guest, I can’t think what advantage it would be to @travellinbug to mention it in the review or in the private comments.

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Yep, I just came back after Christmas to find my whole bath room flooded! Had people here while away, and they must have unscrewed the connection between the wahsing machine and the plumbing for some reason I cannot fathom…Managed to fix it after a couple of days. They say they have done nothing, but I cannot believe a leak like that has 1: started suddenly without anyone tampering with it and 2) that they said nothing to me abouit the whole bathroom being full of water…

A plumber advised me to periodically replace the hoses between the machine and the water supply because they sometimes fail/washers wear out.

Did the guests deny the bathroom was wet? Maybe the leak occurred after they checked out.

Yes I did manage to fix the drain myself, it was quite an easy fix.

In no way I am implying that the blocked drain was done by the guests. In fact I don’t think it was their fault at all. Its just the fact that they didn’t report the problem that I found strange.

In the end I decided not to mention anything about it, they were very good guests.

@travellinbug - Good call. It is a little puzzling to me as well that guests tend not to report a problem while they are there and only let me know when they are leaving or after they have left…or not at all. When bookings are back-to-back, it is frustrating and stressful trying to juggle in the repair.

It has happened when the shower wand holder broke, the kitchen gooseneck faucet developed a serious leak from a deteriorated washer, the A/C unit was leaking water onto the balcony, the toilet clogged, etc., etc.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to have a day as ‘padding’ between reservations.

They may have been trying to be good guests, or just thought it was easier to handle it themselves. If I was in a house and had a clogged drain we would definitely tackle it ourselves before calling the host. And we may forget to mention it if it’s not a big deal. I could see myself sending a message several hours later, as it came to my mind while on the road.

My funny story is back to when I had an airbed. My 5 guests came upstairs, ate breakfast, chatted, I helped them make plans for their day, and they were ambling out the door, turned around, and said “oh, by the way, the airbed has a leak”. They had tried to plug it with toilet paper and some tape. I thought it was so funny, and kind of nice that they didn’t wake me up to tell me about it - but just dealt with it. Had they not mentioned it in passing they would have had to sleep in the floor that night.

That night they had a nice, new ‘real’ bed to sleep in - and they loved it.

The guests probably don’t want to be bothered.

This reminded me of this past summer when the window unit AC wasn’t tilted back enough. It’s usually not very humid here but it had been hot and humid so the condensation spilled over into the guest room window ledge. Instead of telling me and letting me adjust the AC (which I could have done at least temporarily very quickly) they just put a towel on the window ledge. They tell me as they are leaving the next morning. As a consequence the painted window ledge has been sopping wet for hours. Luckily all I had to do besides adjust the unit was to scrape and repaint the ledge. Much longer and I probably would have had damaged sill, drywall and baseboard. It really doesn’t occur to people who know nothing of home maintenence how much worse it is to let it wait.

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