Guests demanding a refund of 50%

Hi all I’m new to these forms. I just wanted some advice. I’m currently hosting a large amount of people in my home. There is alot off children. When my guests arrived I brought them around the house and asked them to look over everything while I waited outside to see if there were any problems with the house or if it didn’t meet their standard, I was told the house was perfect. I left them to it to enjoy their stay. I had told them I would have some play things outside for the kids so I booked an obstacle course bouncy castle which I paid for complementary and at no cost to my guests. When the bouncy castle was late my guests then complained to me saying the garden was unsafe as it has no fence or boundaries to stop the kids going on the road. I have a 2 acre property which I have on my profile as a wild 2 acres. The guest wanted a refund of over half. I offered them another stay at a time of their choosing for adults only and they refused to accept this. I then calculated my costings and decided to refund then 50% of the profits after my costings were took out which calculated to 250 euro they have not gotten back to me but they contacted airbnb and asked for a full 50% of the original price. She had told me she would be happy to stay if I refunded her the 50% yet she believes it is a safety issue for the children so why would she still be happy to stay? I have no idea how to deal with this. Can anyone tell me what is it I will loose? Will airbnb give 50% or will they rule in my favor and tell her no. I have told airbnb I will only offer her the 250 euro but my offer will be withdrawn after a time. Please someone respond urgently. I’m feeling scammed and getting more and more stressed out as time goes on. The agent working for airbnb does not speak good English and I have a hearing problem and can’t make out what she is saying so I asked her to transfer the case to a native English speaker but I have not heard back from them. Any advice is welcome.


Oh goodness.

  1. Stop offering refunds
  2. Tweet Airbnb

Their Twitter people seem to respond faster than the folks manning the phone


Don’t give them a penny. You were more than generous in providing the bouncy castle. I think they thought you were so desperate for a good review they could ask for a refund in a non issue. There was no fence when they booked, so expecting one is ridiculous. Child safety when outside is their responsibility, not yours. Stop communicating with them.


Can airbnb force a refund and rule in their favour. So they have any comeback

It was no fence in your description and no damage on the property.

Sometimes it’s weird with airbnb but I will be surprised that airbnb make a refund



On what basis do you feel you should be offering free holidays and/or refunds. You have done nothing wrong. The guest is taking you for a ride.

Do you promote your listing as being child friendly? If not the open outside space is irrelevant.

You providing them with a bouncy castle for free (why would you do that)? How late did it turn up ie did they only get one days use out of fourteen or what?

You clearly state you have two wild acres in your listing - it’s up to the guests to ensure there children are safe within this space. Not you.

Call Airbnb now tell them your guest is asking for a 50% refund because a bouncy castle which you booked and paid for has turned up 1 or 2 or whatever days late.

From what you say she wants a 50% refund and then a free stay for her group is she having a laugh. You would then paying her to stay with you.

Have Airbnb emailed you? If so reply to them and say you have a hearing impairment and can then make special arrangements to have a native English customer services rep speak to you.

I would also ask Airbnb to cancel the booking as the guests make you feel uncomfortable.


Airbnb are withholding the fees at present. And I feel like I’m being scammed and Airbnb seem to be facilitating this. They are accusing me of misrepresenting the listing which I have not I had emailed the guests weeks before arrival stating it was two wild acres, they still knowingly came anyway.

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Do you mean you don’t mention this in your listing? If not, you should.

Regardless if you told the guest this, in writing Airbnb should take this into account. (Presume they can see this on your messaging).

I would reach out to them on Twitter.

Pls post a link to your listing so we can help?

I did mention the wild acres on my listing aswell as I emailed the guests privately weeks before arrival to remind her it was a wild 2 acres.

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The bouncy castle was maybe 2 hours late and I booked it for 2 days for them. I do have it listed as child friendly as I have raised 2 sons in that house one is still only 4 years old.

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Please use some paragraphs lol! So hard to read. It’s unclear if they are sharing your home or this is a guest house. Please post a link so we can see it.

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Cut your losses, ask Airbnb to cancel and kick them out ASAP. If it’s unsafe at full price, how could half price make it any safer.


I don’t mind send the link privately but I’m a little concerned posting it publicly on an open forum, so I will send it privately to the people that requested it.

I’m new to this and I’m nervous

It’s a full rental of the whole house.

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I understand! If you send it privately to a forum member we can be more helpful.

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Lol I’m trying to work out how to send a message

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Can you guys that want to see if privately message me and I’ll reply with the link

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Look at your messages! It’s under your profile pic

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Maggi I sent that to you


Louise can you pm me and I’ll send you that