Guests concerned about internet

I have had 2 inquiries from potential guests where the only question was to confirm that there was internet. This is not an Air inquiry so info on the renter is scant. Today’s inquiry was from an established photographer - But for her parents and uncle - all retired. I told her they would need to do the booking but I think I will likely decline. Anyone have ideas of neferious plans or am I just being paranoid?

Why would people wanting to use internet make you suspicious? In my town it’s standard to provide internet access in your listing, usually a wireless broadband hotspot.


Just that it is the only question and in two inquiries in a row. It’s on the listing. Both inquiries for 3 people 3 nights. Wondering if they want the space for something else- a photo shoot?
I think it’s best to listen to ones inner voice! Just looking for the experiences of others here.

As I mentioned, it would not make me suspicious at all. As you know, many people don’t read the listing description properly.


If I was to decline for the one liners I will never be booked. I just ask questions and create a relationship.


I get the one-liners, too, both from Air and especially from VRBO. Something like “how far are you from…” or “do you have a hot tub?”. And I’ve also found that they come in multiples… odd.

In fact, I’ve had so many lately that my new way of responding is to very quickly answer the question, then ask a question about them to see if they respond before I invest any more time.

I find that people who don’t take the time to introduce themselves and communicate properly often make for poor guests, so I don’t really want them anyway.

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Funny, I just read this thread tonight and then I got this excellent inquiry: “Hi, is it possible to watch the TV from the bed? Also, how large is the freezer? Thanks.”

Although the questions could be taken as innocuous, I did not pre-approve this guy!


What’s with people these days? Watch TV from the bed?
LOUD GASP oh dearie me! We can’t have that!


Sorry, not quite understanding your sarcastic reply. We get primarily short term (3-7 days) tourists and no one has been concerned about the television.

I think the two questions together are a bit odd for a couple looking to stay 3 nights.

get away from the kids, binge-watch your fave TV series together while enjoying a few snacks. A @SuiteInSeattle sounds like just the thing…
what people plan to do in the privacy of their room is just not really strong reason to decline in my book (as long as they keep the sheets reasonably clean :wink:


I agree with @hypertokyo, but then we have instant book on and don’t really decline anyone. Might backfire, but so far so good.


This is bizarre for a 3 day stay. I wonder what they planned on storing in your freezer.


“Also, can I watch TV from the freezer? I like to Netflix and chill!”


Is it possible they’re on a road trip and have some food, etc they want to keep in the freezer?

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This is likely the answer. but not nearly as much fun as the idea that there is a body they need to store …


Every year, in the Fall, I drive to northern NH almost to the Canadian border to pick up my farm-raised lambs. They are packaged and frozen when I pick them up and need to stay that way. Driving both ways in one day requires about 8 hours of driving. Back when my father was in long-term care just 30 minutes South of the farm, we rented a house so that we could spend a bit of time with him, and yes, the amount of freezer space was important.

I will say however, that my inquiry explained WHY I needed the freezer space. Nice family. Very happy that I was buying anything from a farmer in the North Country and they made sure that the freezer was empty and cold for us.

Freezer space is an unusual request, but there are many “normal” reasons that it could matter to someone.


To my original post. I was concerned that the guest might be wanting to do a fin shoot. She said “just curious, do you have internet”. I said yes but asked why that was her only question. She then said she was booking on behalf of 3 elderly relatives. Never heard back. The send group, also 3 ppl never came back when I asked them to tell me what brings them to town. I guess I am in the minority but I saw red flags and am OK with then not coming back to book. It’s a whole house rental and enormous. Too much potential for disaster!


What is a fin shoot?

Unless is a business booking 3rd party bookings are against the tos of Airbnb

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Yes! I told her that and never heard back!