Guests: Completed Stays

I believe it would be great if there were a counter on guest profiles to show how many completed stays they have had on the site. Not everyone leaves a review, but it could be useful to have a tracker so you know if you’re dealing with true newbies or just people who haven’t been outstanding enough in either direction to prompt a review.



I was JUST thinking this same thing!!

I know some hosts look askance at guests who’ve been members for awhile but have no reviews - but I joined in 2012 but didn’t actually book a place until 2014.


yes that’s a great idea and may i suggest you let air know…




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That is a great idea! We usually ensure non-reviewed guests have at least 4 verifications with a picture and understand why they are in town.


The information metric is skewed in the guest favor. They know all about us yet we know very little about them. The more we know, the better!


Yes, yes and yes again! Got here through your link, Felixcat, from the other thread. I’d add including travelling companions into the mix as well. So many of my worst guests have been the husband/wife or friend of the person who booked. It’s so hard to review when that happens. It would be good to have the option of somehow saying Jane was lovely but if she’s travelling with her friend Cruella, please decline immediately. I know I can already write that on the review but it would be good for the Cruellas to be tagged somehow.

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Thanks! Did a search but this thread didn’t come up.

Might also make sense for hosts too.