Guests complained the fridge screens the view

Guests ordered my one-bedroom apt on the beach boardwalk with gorgeous sea view last Feb for coming in Sep.
The apt has a glass wall to the see in both rooms, about 6 meters length.
Meantime my small office size fridge went bad and I needed to buy a new one and since guests coming on summer vacation asked not once about a bigger sized fridge I’ve decided to buy a midsize one and to put it in the corner of the bedroom.
I was shocked to hear their complain the next day they came that the fridge was screen “all the view”. :slight_smile:

Well does it block the view? As a guest I would be upset too. Isn’t there another place to locate the fridge?

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Shame on you!! Go out there right now and move your apartment to a better viewing spot!!!

If it really does block the view, as a guest, I’d be miffed too.

How big is the fridge? I would understand if you had install a cool room, but six metres of glass…?

About 70cm width and 1,55 height :wink:

Should have purchased a clear see through fridge.

So, you explained to the guests why - and what did they say? Why didn’t you get a properly sized fridge? And explain the timescale please? I’m confused.

So, what the guest is really complaining about is accuracy. The photos at the time of booking don’t match what the listing looks like when they checked-in. If guests are attracted to your listing because of the “gorgeous sea view”, then that seems like a reasonable complaint and it would be reasonable to expect a lower score on accuracy in the review. I hope you’ve changed the photos since you purchased the new refrigerator.