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Guests complained about terrible stench during stay


No. The house is located in a mature residential area. The house density is very high and I never see skunk here in my life.


Thanks everyone for your replies. The reported smell still remain a mystery after I checked the house today. There was not even a tiny little trace of bad smell. Toilet, basin and shower are all filled with water, and I’m sure they were also filled with water that day because I just did cleaning and used all of three. We could have unbooked days for up to 10 days in slow season, and none of these created smell in the past when they were not used for long time.

There are no other possible sources in the main bedroom. The guest told me strong smell only in main bedroom and not present in the rest of the house.

Hopefully this bad smell complaint never happen again in the future. It is either undiscovered reason or the guest BS about it. (They were pretty hard to deal with type of guests, and created issues at booking and check-in, they also left the house very dirty for a two-day stay and stained half of my towels.)

If I ever get another guest report same issue, I will find out the cause and update here. Thanks everyone who contributed to this post!


So they did ask for a discount! That explains it! I wouldn’t worry about your sewer system especially since it never happened before. I’d bet money they made it up to try to get a few bucks back.


Omg, I meant to type “they didn’t ask for it and I didn’t provide a discount”. That is my bad! I didn’t proofread before posting.

So I will continue to worry about the sewer :slight_smile:


i would claim them for the dirty towels and leave them a bad review about check in and how they left house dirty


3 years superhost with over 100 five stars here:
I just had a lady YELL at me over the Airbnb chat box ( all caps) that my apartment is filthy, sheets are dirty , towels old, the beds smell of pee and lotion and to immediately come change the beds.
I apologized ( convincing myself that the client is always right), sent a refund for the cleaning fee and told her the cleaners will go check the apt the next day ( the conversation happened at midnight).
Mind you, i use a very competent cleaning team that does a wonderful job but still ask them to recheck the apt and redo the sheets and change the towels. I went with them to see how bad it was.
It looked like they used the beds normally and there was no pee smell anywhere. Would you spend the night in a bed that smelled of pee? Sheets were fine, towels were fine. But I still asked them to change them.
I sent her the photos of the beds recleaned and told her I was there myself to check and although there was no pee smell we still changed all linens.
There was no thank you and she completely ignored me during her stay.
Now what was that about?
She’s a first timer. Would that explain it? Maybe she was expecting ironed sheets and towel robes?
And what does a pee and lotion smell smells like? I’m guessing the detergent used smelled funny to her?
This just shows that no matter how long/we’ll you work in hospitality, there’ll always be someone not happy and too glad to YELL at you at midnight to complain.


Sounds like you might get a refund request when they leave.

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