Guests charged incorrect amounts for their stays

Hello all the hosts out there:
Recently I’ve received booking requests from guests where they have been charged arbitrarily incorrect nightly rates, each significantly lower than the prices I have set and the prices showing on my listing…
The first time this occurred, I called the help line and the assistant checked into my listing and the posted prices and explained it was a glitch in their system. She suggested I send the guest a Change to reflect the correct price.
I explained if I were a guest I’d be unhappy about requesting a booking and then having notification that the price had increased.
Instead, I asked for air to reimburse me for the lost revenue, as it was caused by a problem with their system.
The assistant kindly agreed to that solution and said she’d report the system failure to the tech. team.
Now, some two weeks later, I’ve received other booking requests with incorrect charges to the guests and the predicted payouts to me.
Guests have been charged anything from a few dollars less than my listed prices, to twelve dollars per night less.
My listed prices are consistent, no matter what the dates, and haven’t been changed for six months, or so. And it’s odd that I’ve also had some booking requests during this time with accurate prices charged.
( I don’t use Smart Pricing, or whatever it’s called, and I don’t have Instant Book.)
Before I call and report the ongoing problem, I wonder if anyone else has been experiencing this/
or perhaps someone has had it happen in the past and can suggest a solution?
Thanks so much for any guidance here.

Do you have different prices for weekend nights or other special days? Air averages the nightly rate when a stay covers nights with different prices.

Maybe a temporary solution would be to deactivate Instant Book so you can always double check the price.
What an annoying situation it must be for you and/or your clients :frowning_face:.

She’s not on instant book

You’re right ! My mistake, I read over it, sorry.

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Hi, Maggieroni,
No, I don’t have different prices for any nights at all.
Throughout the year, the prices are the same.

I just experienced something similar!! I sent a special offer which added on $165 for the additional use of my travel trailer guest house and a pet fee and the guest appears to have not received it before they accepted. I called Airbnb and they were sort of like “Oh well, I guess you will just have to accept the price.” WHAAA? I responded! No way, I will just change the reservation again and ask them to accept it. The guests clear acceptance of the fee is in the communication thread. I clearly got the impression Air was NOT interested in me getting my fair price.

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I would be really irritated if this ever happened to me. I also do not use instant book or smart pricing to avoid situations like this. The only other thing I could think of that could be causing the problem is if you have long-term pricing turned on (maybe accidentally?). Your nightly rate might still be showing up normal in the calendar (and would explain why some requests come in at your expectations, are those for shorter stays?), but the lower price the guest booked could reflect a % off for a long-term discount.

I had this problem when first started with airbnb, the first 3 reservations were incorrect. I was told that there are bugs in the app and that I was never to make any changes via the app and use the laptop access instead. The first reservation took so long going back and forth that I took the hit on the other two after they both declined to accept any changes even when I told them it was a problem with airbnb, as they refused I hosted them, was polite and professional all the way through their visit. It was only 4 days but it was just not worth the effort. My calendar opens up every now and again when its blocked , so it could be a “bug” of some sort.

I do not get a lot of reservations through Airbnb. I just had one completed and have a few more upcoming. On the one just completed it went very well. I got a notice that Janet had reviewed me and that I should return the favor.

So I did. It did not turn off the review clock and I could not see Janet’s review, but I figured it takes a while.

So next day, same thing. So I call in. Change your browser, clear your cache, etc. “Ticket” is written. Promise to call me back with more info. Not holding my breath.

Still cannot see Janet’s review.

Note to Airbnb. Get your rickety website working as it should!

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Happened to me too!

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Thanks for this, Cassid.
I don’t use the app. just my laptop, so that’s not the cause of the problem.


I’m thinking that to avoid this idiocy I just take any additional fees off site. Calling an additional fee a “special offer” is so ridiculous anyway. In my area, Airbnb collects the state tax but not the local tax. I just tell them I’m collecting it separately via Square pay. I use it for pet fees and early check in, late checkout fees as well. Don’t alter the original price, the system cannot handle it.

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@KIKC I alter the price on almost every single booking because almost everyone brings a pet. I’ve not once had a problem until this one and that’s about six years worth of reservations.