Guests can’t go home due to Covid-19

I canceled my future reservations but my current guests are not able to leave on Wednesday, they are not allowed to fly back to Argentina on the airline they came on so they have to get a different flight. Yesterday I did a mid-stay cleaning while they were at Miami airport trying to resolve (which is what I normally do on a weekly basis). Hopefully no virus was exchanged - next time they can do their own cleaning. They will not be able to leave til the 21st at the earliest. I told them they could stay the extra nights and pay me directly but they want to wire me the money, they are not using cash due to exchange rate, and I may just have to do it through the platform to make sure I get paid. The wife is 6 months pregnant and wants to give birth in her own country, and I sympathize with her anxiety. They just want to go home. Is anyone else stuck with guests who can’t get back home?

Under the circumstances you have been very kind. Waiting on a wire transfer due to exchange rates is, in my opinion, inappropriate. You have every right to insist on the extension being managed through Airbnb.

The best bet with respect to the clean-out is to research how long it takes for the virus to die before entering.


I would make sure you receive the money BEFORE you let the guests continue their stay @Perimaud

If they cannot do an immediate bank transfer just get them to book again through Airbnb.


For details see the article:

“The median length of viability for the virus on stainless steel was 13 hours, and 16 hours on polypropylene, a common type of plastic.”

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Thank you for asking this. I’ve got international guests who are to check out 3/23. I’m concerned we may have a similar situation soon.

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There are other options for getting paid, e.g.

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Yet another reason plastic sucks :joy:

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Yes I agree, I will have to arrange this today.

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Thank you, Annet. Like you I will continue to research info as it is known.

I fully expect that any information on this infernal virus will be fluid.

First, we don’t know much about it. Secondly, it is mutating.

That’s why I am sticking with reputable sources, such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins (they just did a great write up on Quora).


I had a guest who had to extend a couple of weeks in late February to avoid going back to China. Fortunately payment was not an issue. We’ve probably just seen the tip of the iceberg.


Same is happening to me. My guests are from Canada and were going to a cruise which obviously was cancelled. They asked to stay longer and we are trying to figure out the payment method now.

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Besides Square, Stripe is an option for payment processing.

My guests were able to get a flight out tomorrow. My April and May bookings are all canceled and I wonder sometimes if I will go back to Airbnb after this.

I’m staying with Airbnb. My neighbor is with VRBO and she’s in the same boat I am with cancelled Reservations from March through April. These are extraordinary times.

My long term rental (great tenant, great care of property & reliable payments) just told me the small business Employer is closed for at least next two weeks probably longer. That was her way of saying, she isn’t going to make her April rent payment.

The next 6 months are going to be difficult financially for everyone. I hope that’s the worst thus disease does…(heart breaking-many lives will be terribly affected)

I’m hoping we don’t end up in that situation, as a guest! We have been trying to leave South Africa to go back to the US and flights are full. Tonight we are due to fly to instanbul and then home to Atlanta. I hope the flights go as planned. If not, we could be looking for a kind soul to help if we have to find somewhere to stay for however long it takes. It’s crazy how things evolve by the hour and governments change the rules with no notice. So stressful. It’s surreal…just days ago we were in the reserve, far away from cities etc., marveling at the beauty of the world and now we are waiting in a hotel before going to the airport. Be kind to yourselves and to each other!


I don’t live in an international port of entry but if I did I would absolutely be open to hosting someone in your situation. I am also open to hosting anyone who has to self isolate for the 14 day period. It’s just less likely here.

I have dog boarding clients who went to Mexico and were due back this coming Tuesday. They have now scheduled to come back tomorrow. They tried to get out yesterday but couldn’t.

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Thanks for the thought @KKC. We have one more leg before getting to the states and fingers crossed!

Are you in Cape Town? We live in Spain but are currently staying at our own apartment/airbnb in CT as the Spanish Consulate advised us unofficially that we might be better off staying here for the present due to the relative situations in the two countries.

I hope you are able to get on a plane to take you home, but if not we may be able to help … our son has an apartment in the same block as us and iw will probably be available, though not until next week. There are several airbnbs in our building and if you are stuck I may be able to contact some of the owners.

If you’re not successful getting the plane you can pm me from this site.

Good luck!!

Ged (Malagachica)

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Just seen the time stamp on this was 8 hours agao so with any luck you are on your way!!