Guests being encouraged by AIR to "extend" their reservations

I have an upcoming trip to an AIR listing and I was recently sent what appeared to be an automated message from AIrBNB to “extend your stay by a day or two”. My booking is for 4 nights in July and the message piqued my curiosity enough to check out the listing calendar. The only dates available on their calendar that month are the 4 nights following my Monday check-out.

As a host, I’ve never been sent anything from AIR that has asked me if I wanted the system to send a guest “encouragement” to extend their stay. I find the idea interesting as I may be willing to offer a discounted rate to an already booked guest to minimize weeknight gaps in my calendar. I’ve never offered discounts before but this situation would be different since these guests have already booked my unit for the regular rate, and the offer would be initiated by me. Just to clarify, the message wasn’t offering me a discounted rate but if it did, I’d definitely consider staying at least an additional night.


Well, that’s new! Just curious–what part of the world is your reservation?

Fascinating! I actually had a guest shorten their stay by one day, leaving me with an unpleasant and unneeded gap. I actually messaged the next guest just in case they preferred to arrive one day earlier. Sadly, they didn’t. the real annoyance was, when Guest A booked there was a four night minimum which I removed since I was fully booked.

Lesson learned.

Recent guests reported getting contacted by Airbnb about staying an extra day or two, and they asked me. I had HVAC maintenance scheduled for the next morning, so had to say no. I hadn’t blocked the night because I have a 3 night minimum and it was just a 1 night break before the next guests. It was awkward! I’m not sure if they bought my story or not. They did not review. I just wish that they would copy the host when they contact the guest about a stay in progress. Makes sense, right? Sheesh.

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I have several stays coming up. I’ll report if I receive any notifications like this.

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I agree that it would be nice if Airbnb would inform us of things like this. I understand they don’t want to tell everyone about every single beta test but when it is something that affects your property’s reservations, that’s different. Annasavannah might schedule service differently is she had known.

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Or @annsavannah had she known, would have blocked that day so that Air wouldn’t think it was available and send a message like that. The guest could also see it wasn’t available.

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Right. I usually don’t bother to block out a single night here and there – now I will.

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