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Guests asking what to do when they visit


Hi AirBNB’rs,
Do you usually provide your guests with information about what to do when visiting in your area?
What is the easiest way to do this? Email? Word? Have you already prepared something you just send to guests?

I am asking since I am a part of Voyjer.com, we provide a travel planning services and wondered if you guys would find our tool to be useful.
Feel free to visit the site and sign up as local experts.

Yoni (from the Voyjer team)


Hey Yoni,

I just checked your tool - looking forward to my Marrakesh itinerary for weekend after next : )

I’m working on a DIY planning tool that people have been using for this purpose since it’s easy to create (and personalize) a collection of things in your neighborhood and share it with guests. Here is my collection for my neighborhood in the East Village NYC for instance - then it’s available offline via our app, with offline maps, directions, etc.

I’m also curious what people use to avoid having to give the same recommendations over and over. And as a regular AirBnB guest, I know having local recommendations really makes a difference.



Here’s a low-tech hack that we do. Just go up to any bigger hotel that is downtown and go to the front desk where they have the brochures, take a copy of each brochure and then put the collection in the closet. That way when they ask we will just point them to where ever they feel like! We also have a transit map of the city so for the less tech inclined they can use that.


Hi all

We have a sister product over at Touch Stay (recently featured in this Skift article) which provides hosts a way to share information with guests, both functional information (how does the heating work) and experience based (where’s the best ice cream in town)! It’s like HomeAway’s Hospitality Manager if anybody knows of that product.

So far we’ve had vacation rental owners using the product but we’d love some Airbnb hosts to join us!



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